Doesn’t it suck when someone is having a party and you don’t get invited?



You feel like the kid that’s picked last to join the team, don’t you?


Well…. today I’m letting you know you are invited, yes….


I want you to come and be invited!


I’m going to take you – step by simple step – through exactly what to do to make it a go and have a Passion-Based Business that is all your own.  It is on the rise and will be a household name within the next 5 years!   Here are 4 Key Factors to Starting a Business


If you don’t believe me just listen to my friend Angie Hakner.


Angie Hakner

Angie is an International Speaker, has a passion based business and a fitness product for women over 40.  Follow her blog here:



In her Blog post onWhere is the traditional ‘Home Based Business’ going in the next 5 years?”   She talks about the change this industry has had and how she sees the changes and the dreams coming true for all.



Watch her interview with the Erica Udeanu, the host at her speaking event at the #EuroMastermind2016




As Erica says in the video

‘As more and more people gravitate towards this message, more and more people will see the home based business industry for what it really is … a place where passion based business builders can build a prosperous business both online and offline, putting people before profits, and meaning before money.’


Watch FB Video Of Angie and Erica



 Ok,  I know what you are saying, “but I can’t just quit and start something new.”   Well that is the beauty of it, you don’t have to.  I can tell you that it is possible to work this part-time when you have the tools to do it right!


“As an entrepreneur you must have full confidence in yourself and your business in order for it to succeed and blossom.” Sandy Mangis



Who do you believe you are?  Did you get invited?






You can be whatever you want to be!


Just think about it!   Within a short amount of time it will give you the freedom to:


….Count money  (not stress over it)…


….Give you plenty of time for the things you love to do…..


….Occasionally find yourself stuck in rush hour traffic and remember when you USED to do that everyday.


…No longer feel like an outcast, but instead an inspiration.


…No longer the family black-sheep, but instead you’re the one they look up to.


Then you will have to really think about the last time you argued with your spouse about money.


….You will no longer look at prices on the menu.


….You will no longer have to log into online banking all the time to see how close you are to over-drafting.


You can turn your mess into a million dollar message.


Yes, I have done all of those miserable things.


But I found a way out.  I found a better way.  I found something I enjoy doing.


And it was simpler to do than you might think.


I’d like to show you how I got here.




Every detail.


Even behind scenes, logging into my accounts and showing you what I did.


Would you like that?


Would that help you?


If so…

Meet Me Here Today



So if you are looking to “Be Whatever You Want to Be” and Make Meaning of Your Passion Online then contact me for details of how you can get involved and build your Passion Based Business too.


Find Out Here To Get Started


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16 thoughts on “Did You Get Invited? | Passion Industry in 5 Years

  1. Wow, thankyou so much for featuring me in your blog today Sandy. As you and I both know it is better to make meaning online rather than chasing the money and looking like shallow marketers. We all know that if we share our passions through our passion based business the money inevitably follows so the most important thing is to help people to build their passion based business too!

  2. Great message Sandy! People need to understand how easy it really is to build a passion-based business. If you are reading this message and have not signed up with Sandy, I ask, why not? She’s been in the trenches and know the ins and outs of this business. You couldn’t ask for a better mentor, in my opinion.

  3. I love the idea that having a passion based business will be a standard thing in the near future. I truly believe I am in the right place:)

    You said this in your video, “You can change how you believe and who you are,” …LOVE that Sandy!

    It all begins with your mindset, change it and your entire life can change.

    Great share!

  4. Building a passion based business is something that we can all do. I agree we all need to be happy and do something that makes our heart sing. Great video Sandy and that is a good one with Erica and Angie too.

  5. Nice post Sandy.. I think it’s so important to acknowledge the success of our friends in the industry.. Angie is awesome… Sandy you’re awesome too… It’s so true that confidence plays a huge roll in our success in this industry or any station in life for that matter.

  6. If you’re serious about making meaning before money, and you truly do want to serve the masses with your unique gifts and talents … you can do that here. Sandy & Angie are showing you the way!

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