Cleaning Your Brain.    What Can You Control?



Do you like to keep things clean?  

Do you like progress and success?



I have a couple of ideas for you to think about when it come to cleaning and progress.   


There are things that we can control and things that we can not!   Which one to do dwell on.   Listen here:




When you get stressed or worn out and grumpy you need to take a step back and ask yourself if it is something that I can control or just fuss about.   The fussing is what will eat us alive and slow down all productivity.



We are going to clean our Brain and start to control it again.


Here is an exercise I would love you to do with me.


  1. Clear out all the clutter in front of you.  

If your work space is messy or you have two many projects going on at once, do you get anything accomplished?  Problem is we are not a fast or efficient as you should or want to be.


  1.  Having self-doubt!

What is it that you say to yourself all day long?  Turn off the negative and turn on the positive.   Here is a great post about affirmations.



  1.  Bad habits

Do you consciously do things that you know are not good for you?  How about unconsciously?    Start to notice and be aware and then change them!


  1.  Negative news

Turn off the noise.   I don’t know about you, but I stopped watching a lot of TV.  The news is always depressing, or one-sided.  The reality shows are fake or depressing.  And one key point is that you can get caught up in watching and before you know it …. The day is gone.   Big time waster!



  1.  Fear

Now that is a big word and bigger for some.  But did you know that you can control your fear?  Fear is a memory and by changing the memory you change the fear!


  1.  Toxic relationships.

Do others around you affect your mood or progress?   Get away or help them see how they are effecting you?  Friends are not always on your side or think that you have made a good decision.  It is your choice and who has to live with it.  That’s right, you!!!


What Can You Control




  1.  Attitude and Gratitude

Have you started you I Am Statements?   These can be very powerful when you repeat them over and over till you believe.


I Am Strong

I Am Powerful

I Am Loving

I Am In Balance

I Am healthy

I Am Happy

I Am Perfect 



  1.  Creativity

Did you know that imagination is key to keeping your brain active?   Here is a great post on imagination!


  1.  Eat right and exercise!

Keeping our body healthy and functioning will give us the energy we need to be creative.  Lots of water and little sugar.


10.    Setting goals!

I know we all grew up with people telling us we need to set goals.  We have goals for just about everything we do if we see them as goals or not.


But do you set goals to really push yourself and create the life you want to live?  This post will dive into that a lot more.


11.   Healthy relationships.   

We all need personal contact, a hug, pat on the back, some kind of physical contact.   Also a good group of friends that you can rely on and check in with to help you out.  



How are you cleaning your brain today?




If you need the tools that I have to help you in Cleaning your Brain and Clearing the Clutter then check this out, you will be on a new path before you know it!


Click Here and Be On Your New Path



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