Beliefs are stories that we hold onto that form Rules and Boundaries for our lives.


Beliefs come from our unconscious.  We often don’t know why we can’t do things or Elephant-Mindset-150x150think that something is wrong.  Or, we just do it because it is something we have always done.  We unconsciously think it is a rule or a boundary that is set for us to follow.  Do you think like an Elephant?


As we grow there are certain things that we have been told, certain things that we always had to do, that we didn’t question.  Why?


Are they a belief or a fact?





As we grow through life we tend to get stuck in certain areas and can’t figure out why?  We doubt and come up with all kinds of things, but we don’t always look at what our subconscious is doing to us.  



Here is a great article that I found by John Kehoe,  I share below some of the highlights that I found.


Tell yourself everyday: “My subconscious mind is my partner in success.” By doing this we are re-educating ourselves as to the fact that we possess a second powerful mind, and that it is our partner in success. Becoming conscious of our subconscious, and moving beyond thinking of it as some abstract concept or figment of our imagination is an important step.


The second step is to be aware of how our conscious and subconscious minds work together, to learn the functions and roles of each. The subconscious has two main functions in our life. The first function is to attract to us conditions and circumstances according to the predominant thought patterns that reside within it.


“What you focus on you attract.”


Our conscience mind is the guardian to the gates of the subconscious. It is the conscious mind’s role to make sure that only the highest quality thoughts gain entrance to the subconscious. When we fully understand that whatever thoughts and beliefs gain entrance to the subconscious will eventually manifest in our life, we become very diligent in monitoring and directing our thoughts.


What areas of life would you like to improve on or have more confidence in?  What beliefs do you have about these areas that may be getting in the way of your success.


Remember what is a belief and what is a fact.


This is a great exercise I found when I was studying “The Law of Attraction“, To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream.


Every day, no matter where you  go, scribble out lists of what you want from the universe. Write them on your phone, on scraps of paper or in a beautiful notebook bought specifically for the task. Writing lists like this will help you to get really clear on what it is that you want. However, the biggest advantage of this exercise is that the more you lose and forget about your lists, the easier it will become for these things to manifest in your life.


When we focus really hard on waiting for something to show up in our lives, our energies can become ones of worry and ‘lack’ – creating resistance. So, once we have gotten clear on what it is that we want and forget about our lists, we let our dreams go. This takes all pressure off of the manifesting process, leaving our dreams in the hands of the universe.


Focus on what you can control and release things you cannot.   Let the universe take it and see what you receive in return!


Other things we can do is create vision boards,  more for your subconscious mind to soak in.   Creating a focus wheel or even writing a journal.  Anything that helps you see it, just not be consumed by it.


Then set your rules and boundaries of what you want to achieve and repeat it enough for your subconscious mind to accept it.




If you liked this post and would love to learn more about Belief and setting your Rules and Boundaries.  This program can help in more ways to get you success in the things that you want.


Lets Create the Life You Want


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5 thoughts on “Beliefs or Fact? | Rules and Boundaries?

  1. Great post Sandy, I totally agree. I believe that a lot of people get ‘stuck’ in life simply because they have an inability to change their beliefs even when new or different information is available to them. We need to work hard on ourselves so that we are able to realize when the time comes to change our own beliefs.

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