How many excuses are holding you back from starting your business?  I have 6 common ones to share!


Did you always have a dream of having your own business?   Or think wow that would be great, yet saying how in the world would I do that?  Remember in this post about How I Am a Lifestyle Coach, but How do People know?



Let’s think for a minute, at a time when you did something scary.  Like:


Rode your first bike

Jumped off the diving board

Drove the car by yourself



How did you overcome those?   


Did you want it?

Did you dream it?

Did you just say I need it and went for it?



You knew you could, but sometimes the journey to get there and actually just making the jump is so terrifying that all you find yourself doing is stalling by making excuses.


I hear this all the time from others:


6 Common excuses holding people back from starting their own business.


  1. I’m not ready!   


Ready for what?   That can make or break anything.  Doing something new is risky and uncomfortable, but the people who win in business and life do it anyway.    


What if you said you were not ready to make dinner?   No one would eat!

What if you said you were not ready for a holiday, like Christmas?  It would come without presents and cards!



What do you do with your time and your energy to not be ready?  How many risks do you take in a single day?


  1.  “I don’t have enough experience.”

Control your Mind

How do you get experience if you do not start doing something?  You can have all the education and experience you think you need and it will never seem like enough.   I heard once that you should always learn something new every single day, and I still live by that now.  


Yet, do not make this an excuse, for if you feel like you just need more, you will never get into action mode.  Learn, Do and Teach is how I look at it!



  1.  “I don’t have enough time, money, materials, (fill in the blank.)”


In the world we live in today, this excuse is exactly why you need one!   There are so many resources for you to help you achieve and be successful.   If you wait till you are ready, it will be too late.    Investing in yourself is one of the biggest ways to overcome this excuse.   JUST DO IT!!   


You really do not need even half of what you think you do. Having all the resources you need at your fingertips.  



  1.  “I’m not qualified.”


Unless you need a specialized certification in a field with high liability, you are qualified.  If you want to help and serve others, you need no other qualifications than who you are. You just need desire, passion and ability.   Things that come naturally – not a piece of paper giving you permission.


  1.  “The Business isn’t ready to launch.”


If you think like this you will never launch.   If you don’t test the waters how will you know how warm they are?   Yes, it can be terrifying, you can stall and make excuses, but at the end of the day, if you want it bad enough, you’ve GOT to just close your eyes, count to three and jump!


Fire Away I am Bulletproof titanium

  1.  “I’m not good enough!”


This is when you start comparing yourself to others.  The self-doubt can overtake you and the self-worth collapses.  Questions come into your mind and turn over their control.  


“We can either make ourselves miserable or make ourselves strong! The amount of work is the same.” Carlos Casteneda



How do you overcome the excuses?


Most of the excuses that come up when people talk about starting a business are all in their heads.  It starts with the mindset that they create.   Ideas can come and go, but if the action is not taken then how do you know the answers to those questions.



I was one who wanted a business of my own,  I wanted what it represented, I wanted the freedom it gave.   I wanted something I could do from anywhere I happen to be.   I didn’t know for sure what that was in the beginning.   I saw so many others doing this and that.   But none of them would work for me.  


I had to just stop, and look in the place I didn’t think to look.   At ME!!


I found a mentor who said:


“Put your blinders on!”


…..she helped me find a way to increase my value to others…raised my self worth.


…..she told me to look at what I had…


….. All you need is in your products…..


…  you just need to become a “product of your products


So stop comparing ….   And start yourself in learning.



When I started myself, I was just told to start, just put it out there and things will start to flow and get better.  I always think of what I learned.   Get set, shoot, and then aim.  Adjust as you go.  Things only have a chance to improve.   


“Most obstacles melt away when we make up our minds to walk boldly through them.”  Orison Swett Marden



So NOW are you going to Start Your Own Business?


For me this is what I am after…..


I have no desire to work more than four hours a day.

I have no interest in the long term hustle and grind

I like to spend time with my family

I like to get to know others and not sell all the time, but it seems like the less I sell the more they buy!

I love residual income.

I love people.

I love sharing products and services that I can offer that will pay me over and over again so that my days become effortless.  


This is not a fantasy … This is my REALITY!

I love showing others how I do it!

I have no need for approval.

I get PAID for my Potential.

I have no need for awards.

I can not be tethered.

I was born to be FREE.

I have no need to convince you because I possess what 99% of what people want.


Pretty cool business if you ask me…



Come work with me and CREATE your own business.


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