Pinterest is the silent, but deadly Social Media site some don’t always take advantage of.  But I am here to tell you it can be a powerful tool for your business.



Are you using this powerful Social Media site for your business leads?


Let’s take this and break it down to drive traffic to your business site, your blog or gather leads to build your credibility.


Where do we start???  Here is my Pinterest Site so you can follow along.



The top!    Like any other site you have a banner or introduction to who you are.   Download your copy NOW


Download 7 Ways to Use Pinterest

Creating A Pinterest Site


Things we want to include here are:


Name:    This is so important, you want others to know that it is you.  Having your name shows that you are proud of what you have created.


Keywords: , or keywords (yes, hashtags work on Pinterest also).  Giving any explanation of what you want to achieve.  



Add a description:  Two things with this.   

  1. Your description:   160 characters of who you are and what you do.
  2. Pin descriptions:    Every pin will either take the title of your blog post, or you need to add a detail of what it is about.  

Pinterest Title


Adding a website and verifying it:   Pinterest will walk you through setting this up on the platform you use.   I use Kalatu Premium.  The back office features are so easy.  


Pinterest Verify


Creating Boards:   If you haven’t started already,  Create your account and we want to have 10 to 15 boards.



Pinning On Pinterest

Connecting your Social Media Site:    


 Within your setting you will want to add your Facebook Fan Page and Twitter accounts.   This will help you when you pin things to give that one extra step in social sharing.





Pinterest Boards


How do you create 10 to 15 boards?  


I have a few titles for business boards that will help you separate boards. It will make your pins easier to find.

  1.  How to make money online
  2.  Social Media marketing
  3.  Blogging for a Living
  4.  Pay Per Click
  5.  How to set up a Website
  6.  List Building
  7.  Career Changes
  8.  Podcasts
  9.  Infographs


One point I want to make is that you don’t want to be all business.   You need to get them to know, like and trust you, so have boards that show who you are.


  1.  Pets
  2.  Camping
  3.  Exercise
  4.  Fun Things
  5.  Home Improvement
  6.  Inspiration
  7.  Food Ideas

You can also add things like holiday shopping, places to see or put on your bucket list.  Make it fun and entertaining.   You want the business to show and grow, but you don’t have to be stuffy doing it.



Keeping your Pinterest Site Clean and Tidy



There is a very simple way to keep your site clean and tidy and once you set it up you are done.  To do this all you need to do is create custom Board covers.   You can do this anywhere, but the best way to keep them consistent and the correct size is to use



Note:   testing and setting it up can take a little bit of time, so create a secret board to get your pins set first and then go public.



Here is a great perspective to give you that punch in your look and strategy.  Grab this book:  ASKGARYVEE  by Gary Vaynerchuk



Now to the selling and grabbing of leads on Pinterest



Sharing is very important.  We want to look like an expert.   Isn’t that what we are all striving to do anyway?  But here are a few tips to get you started.



  1. You want to pin 10 – 20 minutes a day.   Be out there, show others that you have interest in their pins and follow what they are doing.   
  2. Create your own pins.     Remember this social media rule of 80/20.  The value of other pins is 80 and the selling of your own is 20.



Setting up your own creations


I am going to be talking about a blog, for that is my main website.  Blogs are so universal to information and selling.   Everyone should have one.   (if you don’t,  ask me quick) 

Here is information on the difference between a blog and a website if you choose to read.



In the social media world of today, we see that visualization is key.  So to create a great pin you need the information to back it up.  This will keep followers returning to see what other pins and information you share for them to like.



In any post that you do you need to have a pinnable image.   What I mean by that is Pinterest image have a certain dimension to them.     The best quality if a portrait.   735X1102



When you add a few of those to you post, it will give you the option to have more than one pin.  For example in more than one board.  We are always thinking of working smarter than harder.  When we can do more than one thing at a time, we are so smart.



Ways to collect leads and business potential on Pinterest



Like any other social media site, you need to collaborate.  You need to reach out and share with others and pull in their interest towards you.  You need to be in the spotlight and shine through this “social warfare”.     



  1. Join pin-groups
  2. Definitely have a Call To Action  and let them know what you can help them with.
  3. Make a widget and attach it to your blog sidebar or website
  4. Pin multiple times.    Syndicate in 20 groups or so
  5. Have a Pin It button added to all your images and an extension on your browser for easy pinning.
  6. To include others when you mention things   use the @ sign just like in Twitter.  
  7. Comment, Comment, comment        If you like something……comment and let them know.
  8. Pin every day



Pinterest Messaging



Every Social Media site has a way to message people.  USE IT!!!!   The messages in Pinterest work the same as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.   Reach out and talk.   For every post and pin there is a person behind it, they love what they added to their board just like you do, so reach out and share the things that you have in common.


Go out there and get pinning




Did you enjoy this Pinterest Cleanup?   If so come and get access to training in many areas of having a business online.

  Let’s expand your knowledge and Create your Financial Future so you can live the life of Pinning for fun.


get started now***********

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