What makes a great masterpiece?


Have you ever tried to put an award-winning anything together just by sitting down and doing it?  Are you the creative type?  The one that has everything in their brain? For most people who is not that easy!  


I wrote another post that talks about Change comes from within!!!  It might be worth a read also.


Great Masterpieces are like a piece of art; they are a creation made from many other sources.  It takes time of study, research, trial and error. A great example of this comes from Vincent Van Gogh and how he created his paintings.   He said:



“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”



Have you ever had a thought that you wanted to be doing something different?  A nagging feeling, a physical outburst? Or just thinking that there must be a change?  Then keep reading.




So, why am I writing about creating a masterpiece today?


I wanted to ask you if you have ever dreamed about creating something for yourself?  Have you ever thought it would be great to have your own book, blog, podcast, or home-based business?  


Has it only been a dream or are you just not sure how to get it started?



I will tell you anything is possible when you know how to walk through the journey.



 How does your Masterpiece come together!



Let me start off by telling you a little about me.   I wanted a change, I wanted something different.   I just was not sure what it was, where I was going to go or do.  I just had a desire to do something different.  I needed it for my sanity.



What I found was more than I could have ever imagined.  From taking little steps I have created a wonderful home based business, a Blog of my own thoughts and passions, and for this numbers type person I wrote a book.   It is a great feeling to know that I have accomplished my own masterpiece.    



Yet it didn’t happen overnight.  


I started on a journey that all came from inside of me.  I invested in myself and started to study.   I found help along the way to guide me along and pull all the pieces of the puzzles together.   It was kind of like going on a scavenger hunt.   Yet, I didn’t have a list of the things I was looking for.



I want to show you that anyone can do this, you just need to start.   You need to study each little part to know how it fits together.   Let’s get started!


Steps you need to create your own Masterpiece.



Step 1.  Look in the mirror


Step 2.  Block distractions


Step 3.  Set your intentions first thing in the morning


Step 4.  Stop making excuses


Step 5.  Take worries out of the equation


Step 6.  Learn how to be bold and stand strong


Step 7.  Taking baby steps where needed.


Step 8.  Change your brain


Step 9.  Focus on your tasks


Step 10.  Change your mindset (anything is done from 10% skill, 90% mindset)


Step 11.  Become obsessed


Step 12.  Overcome obstacles


Step 13.  Don’t let money make or break you.  (you need to have something before you can sell it)


Step 14.  Create your goals


Step 15.   This is a big one:   NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR MASTERPIECE



Keeping these in mind and running them over and over again, will keep you on pace to creating your dream.




With this in mind, here is how you get started creating your masterpiece…….



This is what I found, and I want to give it to you.   I want you to grow and know that you too can create a masterpiece.  You have what it takes, just come learn how to put it all together.  Click right HERE



Create Your Masterpiece right HERE


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