Listen, Do YOU Hear IT? 



There it is again….

…. It is the little VOICE inside of you!


>> what is it SAYING?

>> does it tell you what to DO?

>> Are they what you really want to hear?


When is the last time you really listened to how you talk to yourself, and thought NO I am not like that,  things are going to change.


Do you know the labels that you put on yourself?  In this blog post I talk about saying goodbye to self-sabotaging beliefs.


Do they hold you back from where you want to go?   Most LIKELY!  







Here is some examples, Listen, do you hear the voice NOW?

No one will want to read what I write…


I am not interesting …

I am dumb …

No one loves me

I am fat …

Get the picture?


So now that you hear that little voice, let’s turn it around…

Start everyday and then every hour say the following and see HOW your little voice inside of you changes.  


I AM Strong

I AM Powerful

I AM Loving

I AM In Balance

I AM Healthy

I AM Happy

I AM Perfect



START to BELIEVE  and your life will change.


In order to move past your struggles and really live your life, you NEED to find yourself and grow into what it is that you truly want.

And then the biggest one of all….





At this point, you may hear the following in your head, “Little voice? What little voice? I don’t have a little voice!” And, that would be your little voice!

The great news is you can learn to identify and control the little voice in your brain. You can learn to listen and determine whether the voice is the REAL you, supporting you in achieving all you dream of, or the little voice that thinks it is protecting you by telling you not to try… because you will fail and get hurt.


When we face reality of who we are, the world around seems to have meaning and energy!



Don’t let the themes in your past become your beliefs, and you let those beliefs guide your behaviors.  

Here is a great book that I want to recommend for you to open your eyes to this.



“Life’s Golden Ticket”   by Brendon Burchard


…..You DO have the ability to tune in to your thoughts and feelings!

…. You DO have the ability to pay attention to you you’re making others think and feel!

…. You have the ability to define who you are!


Ask this?   “Who am i being right now?



…. You have always been able to decide if that person is who you wanted to be or not!

How do talk to yourself, and do you listen to what your head is screaming at you?

Turn it around…..say.  


I Am Enough!!!


And keep it up every day and see the changes that come about.  POWERFUL!!


So now it is your time.  


REPEAT this blog, over and over till it sticks in your brain.


Then continue and grow the life you want.




When is the last time you really listened to how you talk to yourself, and thought NO I am not like that,  things are going to change.


Want to know more about how to change?    In this program, it will give you the tools I use to help create the changes needed.   Believe in yourself, Invest in your change and Make your little voice completely different.

Get in NOW and start right away.  


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