Have you looked in the mirror and asked if you are happy?   

You might not be surprised if I told you many of us are not.   We get up, do our routine, follow the crown, then come home.   Day after day like someone wrote us in to follow.

>> Are you part of the crowd?

>> Are you alone?

>> Do you just follow along and do as they say?

>> Are you making decisions and asking questions?

Where do you fit in?


Is there something or someone who you tend to follow or hang onto because you feel safe? or secure with?   It is our safety network and we tend to start relying on it keep us going. When do you start to expand to make that change in your life? You know there can be more, yet what?  This post goes into more detail about this.  How I Used A Safety Net to Create My Dream Life


There are so many things in life that we don’t experience. But when you look back or forward, who is making those decisions. We need to create happiness in ourselves to make the world around us happy.




Look for the spot that you fit!!


Is your life and career what you wanted or was it something you fell into and you convinced yourself that it was all you knew.  You live and bust yourself up to meet other people’s expectation, just to be accepted.  


I have 5 things for you to do from this day forward.   Let us turn you around and find your spot.

  1. Raise your AMBITIONS:  People don’t know what they really want, or they just don’t know how to attain it.  Let’s start looking around and see what this world has to offer us.
  2. Own Your MORNING:    Before anything else,  create positive things to say to yourself and really BELIEVE them.
  3. Work the needle movers:  Get rid of SILLY TASKS.  Set up a winning plan for you.
  4. Demonstrate, then delegate.    Don’t avoid the skill you need to get you to the next level.
  5. Know the hacks.   Enhance your performance and make it known.  Know that you are Titanium (an explanation of that is here)



Here are what others have to say about this wonderful book  “The Golden Ticket” By Brendon Burchard.

Helen Lingard Ha ha Another book I haven’t read… spoilt for choice… as Louise Hay says you need to read a book over and over again 🙂 Yes I did when i was younger.. however No More 🙂 Great Message.. thank you


Beth Eason Tomasovic I love that book and I’m sorry to say, I put it down to start another one. I need to go back to it! And…… I am so blessed to FIT IN with the like-minded people (like you!) that were first part of my business and now…great friends for life! Great message Sandy!



Barbara Monk Great message Sandy ….I haven’t read the Golden Ticket yet (it’s on my wish list on Amazon) but I love Brendon Burchard


Shaun Trewern My wish is for EVERYBODY to live their own Totally Inspired Life. The life that makes full use of their natural skills and fills them with joy and passion for their true calling. And if they are not doing that, or at least on the right path towards that, perhaps it’s best to stop and reconsider things? Great message here Sandy. 🙂


Where Do You FIT IN?  Don’t Be Part Of The Crowd? Is your life and career what you wanted or was it something you fell into?



Don’t just waste your life away… Make it grow and be lively!  Start to change the picture in the mirror.

This is the program that I used to help me find my passion and grow a business of my own and create who I want to be.  NOW it is your turn! 





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