BREAK FREE!!!!!! Are you stuck? Think it is too late, you don’t deserve it, or make excuses as to why it can not be yours?


Do you feel The ball and chain around your ankle?  Like the Elephant Mindset that is in this post!


It is time for you to break FREE and look at your dreams and passions and start living again.


> it’s not selfish to pursue your dreams!   

What is important in your life, and are you giving your energy to those things.   You are on earth for a reason and a purpose.   

What is it and are you happy?   

Are you constantly going like I was and never really stopped to realize that you were lost and unhappy, I had done so much for those around me that I didn’t realize I had nothing for myself that truly make me happy. 

Life is not selfish …  life is yours to life. …  I say then LIVE!!!



> you have what it takes!

Does this make you think?   

As entrepreneurs, we all go through this one with a lot of highs and lows.   We need to stop comparing what we do with what others do.    

Yes, you want to do it, but if it doesn’t work for you the way it worked for them, don’t give up.   We are all different and we need to do things differently.    

Make it UNIQUE!!


> it’s never too late!

It’s never to late to dream!    

We all need to keep dreaming for there is still life to live.   

Our dreams help keep ourselves going and life just gets more interesting.  Take the steps you haven’t taken yet.


[tweet_box design=”box_05″]We all need to keep dreaming for there is still life to live![/tweet_box]


> you do deserve it!

Have you tried to convince yourself that you do not deserve to succeed?   

We all have at some point, but that really is not true at all.  We all succeed at lot of things so when something doesn’t happen we just need to work a little harder and figure out how we, ourselves can get it to work.  

Again, Make it UNIQUE!!!




> you have more time than you think!

Have you ever given that excuse?  

I know I have!  

That is one of the biggest excuses that people have for doing something.  We just put it off and eventually it just seems like we have no more time.

One thing we forget is that we don’t have to do it all!

We can make the most of what we do and choose this or that.


Do you struggle with any of these, and can’t BREAK FREE? When I started creating, I learned how to overcome this.


Hi I’m Sandy Mangis a Transformational Business Coach, showing others that there is a way to change and move forward.  You don’t need to be stuck in your career, in your education or in the time control that life has given you. 

I am inviting you to copy the business that I have and learn how to create one for you!  Click here to listen!




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