The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary!  We need to work hard to have successful solutions come to be in our focus!


In order for success is to happen you need to work for it.   Set your intentions to give you the direction you are looking for.  The direction will then give you the work you need to do.


The work that you do will then give you the success you desire.   


It starts with baby steps:



“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm!” Winston Churchill.



Let’s start our first step with affirmations to get you started on your day.  This post will help you set those a lot better.


Telling yourself over and over what it is that you want to accomplish and helping your subconscious know what path you want to take.     That is Affirmations!



Successful Solutions


Do you take advantage of things that are right in front of you?   


A key I found that works great is to set three intentions for the day that work toward your goal.  Everyone can get three things done in a day.


Then, strive to get them done no matter what it takes.  It will get easier the more times you do it. Then you have something to be grateful for at the end and you are one step closer to your goal.



Put in the work and the success will come.

Next Step is to strive for your success from those three intentions like you were focused on them and nothing else matters.



“The Successful Warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.”  Bruce Lee.  


Focus is what keeps you going, what grounds you in place.  Being Laser-focused is just finer and more to the point.

Focus means saying “no” to distractions,  getting rid of the crap around you and sticking with the things that will help you get to your goal.


Here is another post you may like about being laser-focused.  


Keeping your focus and eliminate all the distractions that keep you from your task.  Or the ones that keep you from your goal.





Do you know where you are Successful?  Where is your business going?   I can show you a shortcut that will take out all the distractions and help you find your success and not the  failure.


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Soft Sell




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