Just wanted to share with you my new Podcast!!!


The Jar Of Success is going live on Jan 9th.  What fun we are having sharing success stories and letting others know what we do in our Entrepreneurship Journey and how it is possible for you to as well..

Jar Of SuccessTake a trip over to my Podcast blog and listen.   Jar of Success.com


I have openings for success stories, so if you want to share and see if you qualify,  here is my scheduler for you to chat with me.


I know we all have successes in what we do, and to share that for others to hear is one way we can grow.

Come and Listen to the “Jar Of Success” Podcast.


Hi, I’m Sandy, A Transformational Business Coach for Professional Women looking to expand their career and financial status.

Helping the ones overwhelmed and tired, looking for the freedom to express who they are and build on their own potential.

Getting them out of the rat race and have time returned. Being a Career mother and 35+ years of business experience I have developed a Passion-Based Business to show others a way to give meaning and purpose to who they are again.

Are you ready for change?   Come and Join my team and “Make It Online” to see where your ideas can take you! 

get started

Would you like to have a Mentor to show you the way?  Here  is What I Can Offer You!



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