Did you create a step by step process that you follow every time?  Did something come along and get you Off Track?


Not just bloggers and leaders have a set way, or a groove you might call it, that they do everyday.  You know a routine that you follow.  It comes more like habit after a while and when something comes along and throws you off track how do you get started again?


It’s kind of like paying attention when you are driving.  Like this post “the Wake up Call”



 Does your track go like


1,2,3 …..




5,8,2 ….


As I was talking about in the video, I love my program, for it gives you the steps that you need to create a great business, yet the order doesn’t matter that much.

They are things that you need to do through out the day that will help you create success, yet not throw you off track.   Things that you can always fall back on, things that feel natural and not like work.   


Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm!

What that means is that if you have enthusiasm for what you are doing you will always find your focus no matter how many times you fail.  

I would love to show you my eight core commitments to make it Online that keep me on track and always focused on my success.  Watch the following video and it will show you how simple it can be for you too.

Bye for now,


Listen and Learn


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5 thoughts on “Off Track | Out Of Your Step By Step Process

  1. Having a step by step plan seems to be more and more important, especially in the online business fields. There are so many WMD’s out there, weapons of mass distraction, that we always need to find our way back.

    And having that plan that you can step back into….priceless

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