Are you lost and do you always jump to a conclusion before you know the details? Where do you start?


I know you have an idea, someone tells you to do something.  OK, that sounds like a good idea, but oh know, that question is popping up again.  “Where Do I Start?” Here is a blog about ideas to follow. 


Where do I start?

Do you always think you need to start with the “How” ???  Like saying “I don’t know how?” How in the world is this going to work?   You know so many how’s that you do or almost talk yourself out of it.  

That is like putting the cart before the horse.  In order to get WHERE you want to go ask yourself a few more different questions….  Like  “why”…..

>>  start where you are
>>>  use what you have
>>>>  Do what you can


We need to start to look at the reason why we want this.  Something that will get us hooked and keep us committed.  Something that gives us the motivation to put the things in order.  


Once we get that, the excuses will go away and the how will start to appear.


Have you figured out where you are starting yet?


One final thing we should address is what others are thinking.   


>> Do you listen to them?    

>> Do they know where you are?

>> Doo they know what you have?

>> Are they YOU?


Don’t listen to them … they are the dream-stealers, nay-sayers.


Know where you are going and how you are going to feel when you get there and you will then know….


Where you are going to start!!!

Listen up then comment below and share with me if you struggle with this!!!!


If you want to have a little more direction and be included with the ones that will help guide you along, then I invite you to come with me and learn “where to start” and make it online.



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