When we get deep into it there are four main gates to think about when we are looking for change.  Have you ever read “Life’s Golden Ticket” by Brendon Burchard?  Here is another post that will get you started.



Let’s start with the first one…. AWARENESS


This one deals with ourselves.   

The how it happens ….

The who with ….


The people you lead or the ones follow.  


Let’s be aware of the things that we do and how it reflects on others.  


 What is your Awareness Gate for Change?



Have you ever sat back and really looked at what you do, how others see it and what it portrays?  I remember the first time I really sat back and looked.  I realized that wasn’t me, others were not seeing who I really was, they were getting the wrong image.  


I needed to show more, I needed to evaluate my relationships, my health, and my mission at work or in life, my thoughts, my habits. I needed to see what it was that was important and start to let others know what that is, what makes me, ME!


Has anyone asked you “What are you proud of”?


Can you answer them with excitement and energy?


Let’s work through this and see where you are… Answer these truthfully and out loud!


>> what are you proud of

>>what did you accomplish

>> Are you making a difference


We need to set up a framework for ourselves that will open up the gate we need for success.


Look around and be aware of these …..

>> your thoughts

>> your habits

>> lifestyle



Now that I got you thinking, I would love to show you more and help you MAKE IT ONLINE. Come and share in the comments where you want to go and what you want to accomplish.



What is your lifestyle, your joy?  


How do you engage with the world and give it YOU!  


We all are different, let us show it.  If you want change, start this evaluation and see what you can do differently to move forward.


We need to see what we are doing, before we can set new things into motion.  



Now to the next changing gate…. ACCEPTANCE



Ok, we now see what we look like.  Do you like it?  


There is three steps to accepting this.   


  1.  being yourself…..


true thoughts,


true ideas.  


Is it part of your identity?  


Accepting who you are and liking it!


  1.  accepting the past, and being ok with it.  


You can’t relive it so let it go!  Live each day to the fullest!


  1. accept what you can change and change how you react to it.  Then release the things you cannot.



Do YOU fit in?


[tweet_box design=”box_02″]Acceptance is something humans want and need, yet sometimes we try to hard to fit in.[/tweet_box]


I want to repeat these 3 things to help being accepted.



> let go of the past

> no complaints


Listen up and then come and see what I am doing to help others grow and live life in who they are and what they are passionate about.





Third Gate to Change:. Accountability



Accepting the control we have on our life, knowing what we do can create our way.


We must own our Reality, but not our discomfort.  Remember when I was talking about releasing the things we cannot control.  Discomfort can fall into this.  There are things we can do to make it easier.


Meditation skills are wonderful in releasing discomfort and tension. Check out this post on stress release.


Another thing I want to share with you to help you change your discomfort, is your intentions, read this;




“When you choose to set yourself up for something, you are putting it out to the universe, and it will come back to you.”   




[tweet_box design=”box_03″]You are in charge of your energy “BE FULLY AWARE”[/tweet_box]



Own up to the value that you bring and have. Be in charge of your role in your responses and your actions.  They are who you are, the choice is yours.  The good ones or the bad.   There is no one else that makes you do them.  


Stand up to your maturity.  You need to own your mistakes and level of your expertise.   What did you miss or what are you neglecting to do.  





What is Accountability?


It’s part of the three gates to CHANGE. Accepting the things for what they are and learning from that.


>> accepting control of our lives

>> owning it and Living with it

>> growing from it


It is being who we are, learning how to grow and standing up tall.

Do you want to learn how to stand up and have a strong life? Give yourself what you want and see where you can go



Last Gate To Change is Action  



Accomplishing Great Things!!!


>> Act, but also dream

>> Plan, but also BELIEVE




Taking the Action that you need.  


I love this quote that I heard and I don’t know who said it, but it fits in telling us that action is forward motion.   I gives us the energy we need to create what we are wanting to do.   See what bursts out when you read it:


“The power plant doesn’t have energy, it produces energy”


In order to make something happen you aren’t looking for something that you think is there, you need to produce it through the things that are there.   


So face your fear or difficulty everyday, teach yourself through what you learn and then face it and move through it.   


Be the action taker from the “Four A’s of Change”, Awareness, Acceptance, Accountability, and Action and create the change you are looking for.  


Come with me and Make the Change you are looking for Online


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12 thoughts on “The Four A’s of Change | Changing HOW You Do Things Does Not Have To Be Difficult!

  1. I do not fit in. I am one of those people who talks about my dreams and goes after them. Sometimes I feel like people are laughing at me in their minds. But you know what I will have the last laugh. But I won’t be laughing at anyone, nope, I’ll be laughing with the ones who believed in me.

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