The riches we receive will be in exact proportion to the definiteness of your vision. The fixity of your purpose .  The steadiness of your faith, and the depth of your gratitude!




Let’s break this down….

Definiteness of your vision 


Your vision comes from a mental thought, but where you form that thought can make or break the vision .  You need to learn to be open with your subconscious and really have a gut feeling that the route you are going is a true image and not just something that you want.    


We tend to get thoughts that will guide us in the wrong way, lead us to things that will not help.  Time wasters we can call them.  


You need a clear picture, one that is creative not competitive. One that you can see, hold on to and work towards.  



Now to purpose!   

 Fixity of Your Purpose

The purpose is the motion you set your self on to speak out the vision.   Outcomes are not visions, you need to keep the harmony of what you do everyday when working towards your vision.  


Your purpose makes you active, you must keep in mind the realization of the mental image, with meditation, affirmations, everything you do, that can be done to act in a successful manner to reach that vision.   


Giving excess value to what you receive establishing the channels of natural growth.  


Being consistent in your faith that it will come true.   Now this one can be a little hard for some.    It is hard. See the future and let alone believe in it when things around you, or others around you say otherwise.   Don’t listen stay steadfast on where it is that you are going.


Being Steadfast in your Faith 


Being steady means having the repetition, the steadiness you are creating toward that vision and goal.  


What does it mean to accomplish something?

To keep persisting till your task is done without exception?  

Do you need a push or is there a pulling factor.


On your journey between where you are and where you want to be, there will be all kinds of adversity. Keeping that persistence without exception!


It is the consistency that you give your work and knowing through your faith that it will come true.  Your Belief!


Lastly,   Being Grateful in everything that happens around you.


When you are grateful for your surroundings and what has been brought to you through out your day, the world has a much bigger open door.  Can you see it like growing branches on a tree?


So being rich can come in many forms, but in order to get there you need to have the gratitude for the things you have.  It is your starting point.  



 Know that you are aiming at a clear vision , set your intentions on a purpose, stay consistent with your faith, and be grateful for the things that come.



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