So, you started a Business online.  Do you have a firm grasp of what you are doing and believe it so much that you are attracting others?  What key things do you need to create Attraction to your Marketing?  Knowing is always better than guessing.


Attraction marketing has been around for quite a while, but it is becoming more and more prevalent in the online world.  So to really grab the attention of others and build the “Like, Know and Trust” factor that online marketers need, let’s keep in mind and learn these key things.



First off let’s break down what parts Attraction Marketing goes through.



  1. Attract an endless supply of quality leads
  2. Creates a relationship with these leads
  3. Allows you to generate residual income from these leads
  4. Supplies a system of duplication to those that join your list



As I walk you through this, I want you to put your product away and concentrate on who you are, who your market is and what you can offer them as an individual.  Kind of like Bread Crumbs




We are going to take that and offer key information and expert knowledge to attract those that want what we are doing.   It is not all about the product, it is what they see from us that will make the determining factor.



Now think about this for a minute.  How many times did an emotion come into play when you went to buy something?  That is the attraction!  The conflicts are now minimized.



Was there something given away for you that you just had to have, to give your information?   Freebies are fun!



Did you give your information for something that you really didn’t want?   What were you attracted to?     We have all done this, wouldn’t you agree?   



So, How do you apply Attraction Marketing in What you do?



There are three main principals when we use attraction marketing.


First:   You need to connect your message with your audience in an authentic way.  Keeping it real  and endorsing what you have experienced yourself.  Be truthful in what you are doing.   Don’t underestimate your target audience, they can see fake coming.   


Second:    Believe in what you are doing, your products and services and your ability to help others.  This includes being your own customer service and help desk.   When you believe in what you do, your customers and clients will see you as the expert and believe in you too.


 Third:    Communicating and connecting in a consistent way.  Having a regular or consistent way of posting things.   Your communication needs to have the same message flow that connects with your audience.    The old “Sales Pitch” doesn’t work with attraction marketing.



Remember theses key things when starting a campaign of attraction in an online business and create the success you are looking for.   

 To your success,





Do you believe in what you are doing enough to create a compelling story and attract business?

 If you are struggling and need more, here is a great place to learn what you need, and so much more, to truly make it online.   Come and see for yourself,  Click HERE.


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