Is Fear Of CHANGING Things Something That Terrifies You? Fear will show up every time you think about change when you are growing or going toward dreams.


Do you put off fear and change till you really have to address it?  Many of us might think that fear is a sign of danger, or others will embrace it to see what comes of it.  There can be a difference, it will depend if fear comes from excitement or a gut feeling that something is wrong.  


Is that why it is so hard to do and stick with? You might not realize this because I never did.   One thing to keep in mind if you are looking for change is that fear is something that you need to be scared of, if you aren’t then you need to create more until it is.    That is called getting out of your comfort zone.


We all know we attempt change, but have a hard time sticking to it! We make excuses and put it off until it doesn’t happen, or something else gives in.


Am I getting close?  Do you seem to fit here,  don’t worry I have been there many times.  


Is Fear Controlling Your ChangeWhat-if


  1. Fear shows up every time you think about change or grow in a different direction. This is just natural,  all new things are scary till you do it.  


If I could tell you, that it is possible to face and overcome fear, would you listen?

… How bad do you want it? Are you accepting the uncertainty and focusing on the outcome.

… How hard do you want to try?  Learning to start with the small steps and allowing your excitement to overcome your fear.  


….what are you willing to give up for the change?  Embracing the idea that thing will be different and risk will be there.  


Change doesn’t have to be scary, or your fear does not have to have control.  You don’t have to take the easy road because you think you don’t know how to do something.


There have been a lot of things in my life lately, where I have just wanted to sit down and turn everything off, go back to the way it was….. the simple life that I didn’t like.


That would have been easy, but I didn’t like it. I wanted more, I wanted to make something better.


Thought I had lost it all, and was just in a horrible place, had to make a decision to go on.


What did I change?

Where did I go?


What helped me make that change?


I had a few people start to point things out and made me realize what I have done so far,  they had me look at it and it made me realize that I was so close to creating a lasting change, so I couldn’t give up now!


I just had my doubts take over … I let someone else change things for me.  I had put someone else in control and I needed to get it back.  


Change Is Going To Happen If you Want It Or Not


How you handle it is the key.


What’s the best way to improve your life? Self education!


…learning new things

…what you focus on

…where you set your goals

Information is the power to grow!!!

Learn from yourfears, if you don’t then you will never grow to learn more.  


Want to know how I did it????

Just say yes and I will share and help you get on the right road to the success and CHANGE that you want.


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