5 Ways to Pump Up Your Attitude.


Has life taken its toll and put everything in front of you? I know how you feel when nothing is going right and more things just keep you struggling. I found some things to help pump you up.


First thing:   take some time away.


Taking time for yourself is not selfish.   It is actually something we all need to refresh and regroup.   Just like sleeping.  


You know how you feel when you are tired and then how you feel after a nap, well it’s the same when you take a break from the things that are you are struggling with.  


Put it away for a while, everyone needs a different amount.   Sometimes it is an hour, a day, a week or even a month.   Then come back and really look at it.   You need this step or it will always haunt you.  


Your stress will only go away if you face it.   I don’t mean always get it done, but after a break, look at it and see if it has meaning and helps you get to your goal.  Then the choice can be made easier.   


Just let it go.


Second thing:  Keep your eye on the goal.


I wanted to share this one, because it made a lot of sense.   One of the biggest problems with struggles are that we take our eyes off of where it should be.


A great example is a race car driver.  When the drivers get into trouble or come up upon trouble, they keep their eyes straight ahead and do not move away.  There is too much of a chance of wrecking otherwise.  Instead, their eyes are on the goal – and this keeps them out of trouble.  


Sit down with your struggles, make a list and keep the important things in front, find a way to keep your eye on the goal.


Third thing:  Focus on Solutions, not problems.


Do your problems seem to always hang around?  


They probably are,  think about it.  When we face difficulties, we talk about them. Fret about them, and give them way too much attention.


 So instead of talking about them let’s look for solutions.  Being aware of what you are thinking about and changing that.  Seeing how to work around it, get rid of it or deal with and move on.  


Encouragement from a friend, mentor or favorite things can all give you your focus back.  Solutions can come from the strangest places.  


Where do you go to find yours?


My favorite place is my library.   Not the actual building, but my books and quotes that help me pick myself up.  


Did you know that children books are some of the best?  Dr Seuss was great at motivating us.  Come and see what you can find.

Yertle the Turtle I’m Yertle the Turtle!
Oh, marvelous me!
For I am the ruler
of all that I see!


Fourth thing:  Tell yourself the good.


One thing we have and need to learn how to use effectively.   The internal power to control our thoughts.  


Now is the time to dwell on the good things you have around you.  Positive things.  Be careful not to hide behind them just keep them close.  Get a sense of happiness and peace.  Struggles will bounce off.  


Remember the old saying: “ count your blessings”.  That is right do t one by one till you feel better.   Let your positive attitude develop from within as well as from without.  


Fifth and Final Way to Pump Yourself Up:  Circumstances are not forever.


That is right, life moves on and things do change.  Keeping your eyes on the goal and going through these other steps will help you through whatever has come across your path.  


It Takes a Positive Attitude to Achieve a Positive Result!


Keep your eyes on your goal and stop struggling with your attitude, always find ways to pump yourself back up.




If you liked this post on the 5 steps to pump yourself up and want to know more about how I keep myself pump up… follow this and start working on who you want to become.


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