Are you Stuck in Unproductive Mode, I mean are you still doing what you did this time last year? Learn to create something new.


When we think about what we are doing and where we are going , sometimes it has to stop us in our tracks to get us moving forward.

I want to share a few adjustments that I have come across and things that keep me going, so it can help you get unstuck.


Break The Unproductive Mode

One thing I have learned it that the difference between success and failure starts within us.


the individual who succeeds simply does what the individual who failed did not OR was not willing to do


It really can be quite that simple.  It is simply making a decision to do something, make it a goal and pressing on.


So what is it that you want to do?   What is it that you want or where do you want to end up next year?


  • Do you want more money
  • Do you want a better lifestyle
  • Do you want more education
  • Do you want more time


When we make a decision to change our direction in life, it needs to have something behind it and a direction to follow or your decision will not get you out of the unproductive mode.


Don’t Stay Stuck

Options for you.

  • Work more hours
  • Get a second job
  • go back to school
  • Invest
  • Own your own business


They all sound about right, but problems arise with each one.  How do you choose.  That is where I can help.   Find someone like me that is doing it and follow them.


A lot of us have grown up and taught that if you go to school, get good grades and get a good job that you will be set.  But, that can be just the way to keep us stuck,  we end up doing the same thing everyday, year after year and wonder where and how thing are still the way as they were before. Right,  I know because that is where I was.  The robot on autopilot.


Time to break out of that mode, and with all the things life has to offer, let’s go out and learn to create something new.


Creating something New

We need to start with developing the right attitude and knowledge.

  • Listen to audio daily
  • Schedule calls with ones you want to follow
  • participate in calls, webinars and events of things that interest you
  • associate with positive, successful people
  • get involved.


We need a way to leverage your time better

Create your true wealth and lifestyle.


I know what you are thinking…  This sounds great, but how do I do it?  What do I know and how do I move forward.


Let me share with you a story of what helped me get out of the unproductive mode.


Have you ever had a day when you woke up and said “What in the world am I doing?”

Well I did and I am now I’m glad that happened.

Let me tell you a story,

Have you ever watched the movie Groundhog’s Day, where the day just keeps repeating and repeating. That is exactly how I was feeling and it was a trap that was squeezing harder.

I thought life was going as planned, I seemed to have it all, and from the outside others said I did. I had a family, a house, a couple of cars, a Career where I was close to the top of the ladder, only place to go was to take the bosses job.

But I felt like something was missing.

I went to the internet, like most of us seem to do, not really knowing what to look for! Maybe if I had more money or more material things? What do I look for that would release the trap or ball and chain.

Do you know what happens when you type “looking for” on google? You get bombarded with ideas! You click one and more start popping out. Wow was everyone looking for change? It made me curious and then I had a quest to start.
What was it I was looking for?

Maybe for money, there are a lot of ideas for that, maybe investing, more of those. What was it that I was looking for? Have you ever sat down and thought about it? A reason why?

As time went on and finding more things, I started to invest in myself. Started reading again and joining opportunities. It didn’t start hitting me until I decided it was time to go to an event.

I was listening to the hype and reading what others had to say, but I had to see it for myself. I bought a plane ticket, booked the hotel and went.

I didn’t know a soul, and had never been to that city before. But I was determined to find out what it was all about.

Started talking to others on the shuttle who were also excited and thought ok I am on the right path, but it wasn’t until I got there, walked in and stopped dead in my tracks!

The room was full, there were thousands of others there too. The energy in the room was overflowing and right there I knew I was in the right place, at the right time.

I knew I had a lot to learn , and I will tell you my journey has had its bumps, but what I found I was not going to lose. It was me again, something to help me with my drive, my inside motivation, my happy place.

This industry had shown me that I could be me and build on that. I was my inspiration, my boss, my lifestyle. I had control again! No matter where I wanted to go, or what I wanted to do, I just had to put my head in the game and go.

As I look back now on what I have accomplished, it even astounds me sometimes. I love to blog and share with others, I have a wonderful podcast where I have met some amazing friends and get to hear what they are doing. I wrote a book, and for me being a numbers person was no small feat. I have built challenges and programs to help others escape, and love every minute of it.

No one else has a plan for you, you have to plan it. Jim Rohn said “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much”. That is where I was and I am not going back.

I am telling you this now because I am getting ready to go to another event where thousands of others will be, to keep learning, meet new friends and make lasting lifestyles and I want to include you.

If this is something you have been needing or wanting and you have not seen the results in your life, then I will tell you “get there”, “make it happen any way to can”. Don’t let others stop you, this is for you. It will open the world to all things possible and a new life will be yours. Don’t wait, do it now, life is too short to wait.

This is where it all begins.

Come join me in my world, and see the change for yourself.


If you found a path from my story so you: “Don’t Stay Stuck In Unproductive Mode”  Start your own journey here,  You have nothing to lose but time.



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