Where does strength come from?  A stronghold on life and the things around us can stir you many ways.


Has anyone ever told you, that you are the strongest woman they have ever met?  I have and I had to think long and hard on this for I was just living, I didn’t think I was strong.  Life happens and I just deal with it.  


I have a tough shell that others see, but I am soft on the inside.   

Begin Stronghold on Life


This is what was in my inbox when I was in need.


Making my own way through life has had its challenges and I am going to walk you through some.  Are you ready to know where my strength comes from?   Keep reading….


Where Does The Stronghold Begin


Growing up I always felt on the outskirts of everything and with that, kind of lost.  I lived on the outskirts of a little town.  Mind you when others say small town they talk about ones that have 4000 or so.   My little town was like maybe 150 people with a post office and a little store.  


I lived 2 miles from there,  had an address of another one and a (party) phone line from another.  Now that is disconnected as far as I can see.   I was long distance from anyone else I went to school with, so not many phone calls.  You saw people at church and school.  Otherwise you played at home with your siblings, or spent time in your room.   


No internet and only a few local channels on the television, so imagination and your own thoughts kept you going.  I had to create what I wanted to do.


Since I lived on a farm a summer job was never far away,  driving truck for harvest was what we did.  Some of my strength could have come from that.  It was a big job driving those grain trucks from the field to the elevator over and over all day long.  10 hours days for three to four weeks.  


The only down fall for that was I didn’t get to experience being in the world and knowing how to work for others.   I didn’t know any better, that was what us farm kids did.  


My experience with the real world was when my parents set me off to college.  That was their way of helping us grow up before we needed to.  Looking back, that wasn’t all that bad and I did the same thing to my kids.  


The Stronghold Begins


Did I grow up from that, not really sure.  I came home …  married the boy from High school and settled in a nearby little town.  

Begin Stronghold on Life

Did it make me stronger,  probably, but I still couldn’t see it!!!


I guess my next strong point came when I got fired from my job.  That’s right “I got fired!”  Wasn’t sure if I did something wrong or if my boss was having a melt down.  Come to find out later, she really did have one.  


The part that made me strong was, at the time, I was 8 months pregnant and looking for another job was like,  well you can imagine,  no one wanted to hire a pregnant lady!!!   The unemployment ran out a week after my daughter was born.   Kind of a cramp in the finances so to say.  YET, I survived.


The Stronghold Moves On


Another strong point that came to me was having to work, raise a family and not miss a thing.  Some might call that a nice juggling act.   I called it life.  I saw what needed to be done and did it.


It wasn’t till the kids were grown and I looked around to say “now what”?  As I started my new journey in life I found more of my stronghold, my strength of creation. My strength started to come out from inside of me and there was no stopping it.   


I joined groups, started my own business, wrote a book, created a blog,  started to do videos and coaching.   I am not here to brag, but even when you can’t see it, others can.   


I will tell you though … I still couldn’t see it!


The Stronghold turning point


Life crumbles and things happen and you don’t always see things the way they really are, until… that one person you have grown to trust and through working with them, you begin to see.  You see things in a different light, a different angle and it hits you like a brick.


Where do you take that and what you do with that, is totally up to you.  


For the first time I started believing and sharing with others my strength and you know what it only made me stronger.  


Looking back I now see all sort of things that gave me my strength and I know you can too.  We are all strong in one way or another.  Just think about it, “what do you know how to do that someone else struggles at?”




Pull out your strength and start something new today, or I will be there to ask you




Need to know how to start your journey and find a path to place your strength on, then follow me and I can help you find it.  


Do what you want to do and shoot for the moon,



Do you think you’ve seen everything?  Get on my list right here.


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4 thoughts on “Begin Stronghold On Life

  1. Am expecting another post like this I just read. You really make my day reading this one.

    Thanks. Again. You can check me up on my blog also


    Peace and Love

  2. Thanks Mr/Mrs for accepting and following my blog.

    I’m available to read your post at my convenient time.

    You have such an interesting topic I will love to read in
    your blog.

    I still remain the simple blogger…..
    Peace and Love

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