5 Keys to Success That You Really Need


Key #1  A Want and Why   (clarity)


In my journey I have watch others start and fail, start and fail again.   I have even done this in the past and wondered why. Until I started to get some clarity on what it was that I truly wanted and where it was that I wanted to see myself go.  


Clarity is a big key to having a successful life.  It will make you happier and want to get up in the morning to pursue your dreams.


Key #2  Determination  (a good work ethic)


If you don’t have the determination to get something done, it will never happen!  You need to establish a good work ethic, one that is achievable for you.


Making a plan and sticking to it.  There are many ways to create a to-do list and a  get things done list, but if it is too big or you don’t seem to get what you want done, you tend to do nothing.


Key #3  A good Health program   (eating right and exercising)


Important part of any plan.  When you adopt a good health program and get the supplements to go with your eating, you feel better and look better.  


It gives you the energy to get things done.  

It gives you the brain power to think.


When you body feels satisfied it increases your confidence and self-esteem and you have that head start in your success.


Key #4  A System  (a flow to work with)


A system can be translated into many forms.  It can be a done for you program, or a program you create.   Either way you need something. In my experience this is what we say:  


Learn – Do – Teach


Let’s work on thinking what it is that you want to do and how you want to do it.  Life is to be created and lived the way you were meant to live.


Key #5  A Partner   (to keep you on track and show you things that you are missing)


What is a partner.  Most Entrepreneurs are in business for themselves, but they still have a partner.   It is called a mentor, accountability team, or a friend that keeps you going and helps you get over that hurdle or wall.  


Seeking others to help, will help you see clearer and start the juices of thought again.  


There are many ways to get help, depending on how far you want to go and how much you want to pay for.


When you have these 5 keys in what you do, then success will come your way.  Let me know in the comments which ones you use, or which ones you are needing.   


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