You May Need That Change and Are Not Aware of It.


The world has seasons of change,  Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Is it any different with life?  How you handle it is what will determine where you can be. I learned a valuable lesson when I challenged myself to change.


The seasons don’t change, they come and go every year.  The calendar has twelve months and we always seem to know what is coming.  But you can change, your life is unpredictable. Don’t just wish it away for something easier, learn to embrace it.  Wish you were better, wish for more skills, and wish for more wisdom.


Life is about constant, predictable patterns of change, and the only constant factor will be our feelings and attitude towards it.  Not everyone feels the same or even thinks the same, so why do we seem to want to work that way.


Did you know that nearly half the people you know are not satisfied, yet they say they are stuck.  How do you know if that’s you?


You May Need That Change To Be Honest With Yourself


I want you to be honest with yourself and see if you fit in any of these categories…


You would rather be anywhere than here.  Is there something gnawing at you and you just want out, your job, your relationship, your city, your house….


You can see yourself somewhere else ( what are you dreaming of). Have you lost your dream, or failed to act when the opportunity hit.  As we get older the robot life seems to creep up and grab hold. We forget the imagination and the dreams we once thought of.


You have more frenemies than friends.   How do you see other people? Are they just co-workers or ones you laugh, cry and adventure with?  Without close friends it can cause stress, depression, you tend to overwork, and turn life away.


Did you see yourself in one or more?  


Then it’s time for a change!


Oh I get it, change is hard and you might think things will get better if you just let it roll.  I will let you in on a little secret.






It does,   If…



You start to change.   The single most important factor in anyone’s life is happiness.  So if you plan on living forever, like me, then let’s figure out how to create happiness everyday.  


Life is a game, not about money or success, but how you feel, you will overcome the fear and learn to breakout and learn new things when you change.


We have choices to make,  think about it, you make choices everyday, why not make the choice to be happy in the things that you do.   


I want to share three more things to get you started.  


Put six months of salary away.   This will release stress and let you expand your risk. (if that is not possible, we need to work on that too)  see the side bar.

Set a hyper-specific goal.  What is it that you really want to do. Where do you see yourself.  need help with goals?




Take action.  Get started and see where it can lead you.  Get out and create life the way you want to live. Now is the time to fix the next 10 years.  


Ask yourself these questions, and if you get stuck go back and reread the earlier ones.  That should give you some motivation.


Where am I?

What could I do to make the changes to ensure that I can take more certain daily steps toward the treasure I want?

Where can I adjust to take me where I want to go.

Remember  The world has seasons of change,  Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Is it any different with life?   


The Seasons don’t change, but YOU can.   Where do you see yourself going?  I was where you are and found myself again and added a new direction.  It is not as hard as you think.


Come with me and make that change.  Click Here




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