You have this excitement about where you are going, have a great plan, and things are just wonderful and all of a sudden it all seems broken.  How do you fix? Try gluing it together!


How many times have you thought you were doing all the right things, but then when you think you are done, you find out it is all wrong.




You work hard, put everything into it, but it does work?   The end result that you want seems like it will never come.   


What do we do?


From personal experience of many sorts I can tell you that is does become easier, you will find your way, we just have to remind ourselves of a few things.


Fix the thing that seem broken


First of all we need to remind yourself that you’re bond to get better:


Don’t beat yourself up or quit, it’s the next opportunity that matters.  Keep trying till you get it right. We must learn from our mistakes and practice what we learn.  Challenge yourself, pump yourself up to find the missing pieces and fix the others.


This will only make you better and stronger along the way.  You have to have the inner belief that everything you’re doing, you’re doing for a positive outcome in the future.  Future successes lead you to more opportunities.


A lot of people don’t change.  They wait for change, wait for something to happen.  They accept defeat and wallow in self-pity. If you are destined and in need of change, then where you are now is just a temporary condition.  You will rebound from struggles, just as surely as you fall into failure.


What about Gluing it together?


Think of failure as stepping stones or building blocks.  We are pressed on every side by trouble and doubt, yet our bodies are not crushed and broken. So how do we pick up the pieces and glue it together to make it stronger and better than before?


Gluing it togetherI heard a story the other day about how Chinese Broken Pottery becomes so beautiful and it made me think.  



Do your struggles just make you feel all broken and shattered?  


What do you see?  


How do you feel?   


This is what we need to change.  We need to see it differently and learn how to pick up the pieces and put it back together.  Not knowing how or if, just doing and believing that it will work. Creating your life by gluing it back together and making it anew.


Shape it to be stronger and bring the brighter you and your glory to shine.


We are held together by faith in where we are going and what we are doing.  We might not always understand it, but we know it is there. So with this in mind, don’t quit!  Get your pieces in one place and start gluing to see a new and better outcome.


If you want help in guiding you to fix your struggles and know how to see inside to build your glory.  Click here and I will guide you.


Empower Through To New GrowthEmpower Through To New Growth


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