Good strategies come in many forms, so how does “fake it till you make it” stack up.


When you start a new journey and need to show your expertise, many will say that science proves you can actually fool yourself and others that you are successful.  


Let’s break it down and see. Here are ways they say fake it to make it.


Strategy #1


Smile:  they have found that when you smile it lifts your mood.  But it has to be a genuine smile to overcome the stress. Learn to use this smile whenever you are in a certain situation.  For instance. When you are showing up for a video or other chat on your business, put that smile on. Even if you don’t feel like it.   


People always ask me how I can be so happy and pumped all the time.  I smile.


Being true to yourself and who you are.  Stay in your own lane. We get caught up comparing our journey with others.  We want what they have, so we get the mindset that if I copy what they do and fake it, it will happen.


Is that a good strategy if it is not your story?  Will it make you happy to be able to put that smile on your face and move forward?   It can be, but only if it is true to who you are and where you are at. If there is that gut feeling, then even your smile will fade. Come and read this post on “what makes you smile”.


Coming from the things I have been through, learning to run your own race is better and lasts longer. When you discover your own uniqueness with your strengths and know how, it leads you on.  Learn how to show others your heart, then they will want to follow you. Being a copycat or faking it will only leave cracks and end up serving no one.


Strategy #2


Powerful pose;  this is a stature that makes you stand up straight. By doing that it can affect the body chemistry.  Standing tall decreases stress, where  if you are hunched over it makes you feel down and weak. Try it for 2 minutes and see how you feel.


These are all strategies that work from your subconscious, we tend to think too much and it throws of into what we have learned in the past..  The subconscious is smarter than you think, and when you are connected with it, you will be able to fly by the seat of your pants, so to speak.


Strategy #3


Coming from the heart, remember why you started for this will give you that strength to stand tall and keep going.


You must choose, you must act, you must overcome fear.  Let yourself be vulnerable and receptive. Allow your inner self to shine.  Your growth will come to show others your strength and knowledge. The dreams that are your own will be achieved, instead of living in the shadows of someone else.


Strategy #4


Dress for the job you want.  What is it that the people wear to do the job that you want?   


For me that was one that got me thinking,  when I leave my house I dress differently than when I am home. So having a home business isn’t that different.  But if I want to take my biz out, then I need to dress a little more like someone accomplished. How do you dress?


Strategy #5


Listening to happy, preppy music:  looking for a way to get yourself energized?  Then let go and dance, it will improve your mood and creativity.


Strategy #6


Mimic good leaders:  are you outside of your skill set, then how do you learn?  


Yep, mimic others that are where you want to be.  Learn to think like them, act like them and speak like them.  If you act “as if” you are a certain way, you’ll come to feel that way.


One problem with this and I speak from experience,  yes it does work, you do start to change your Language and learn lots, but what I found is that if you do not put your personality into it, you will always be fake.  It won’t last because it is not natural to who you are.


Strategy #7


Fake confidence:  being assertive and creating an atmosphere that you already belong.  


Believe you are there.  What happens if your belief is strong enough?   If you have ever done it, you know how that ends …. you actually create it!  That is a way to make your brain help you create it.


Set those goals high and consistently work towards them.   Need to learn how to set goals? Here is a great post on that very thing.


There will never be a perfect time.


Our storms hit us quickly, seeming to come out of nowhere.  We huddle in despair and cry out. Have faith that you will make it through.  Dig deep inside, if you learn your way, you will become the person you were meant to be, and your goals and dreams will be bigger and have more meaning.   


When people say fake it till you make it, remember how to put your own flare into it and you will go far.


Are you struggling and having a hard time learning how to put yourself into your work?  Let me be a guide and help you find your own style. Reach out and just ask.   I was there and made it through.

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