Want to know how to lose weight the right way through obstacles and effectively reduce your fat content?!  I will share how this time has been different for me and what obstacles I faced.


I can’t say that I am an overly large person, but according to all charts I fit in the obese range.  But that is not the main reason why I wanted and needed to lose weight.


My whole life I have been on the heavier side of things and looking at my family I thought I was always doomed. We have the tall broad shoulders and the large thighs, so naturally all the weight stays right on my mid section.  I always wore the baggy clothes to hide most of my figure.


I have tried so many diets in the past and have lost weight before, only to sacrifice the effects.  I lost all my muscle tone and developed arthritis in my hands and other joints.   Talk about painful.   And, I ended up gaining it all back.  I still had the arthritis and the cholesterol,  and soon developed other symptoms as well.


Losing Weight The Right Way


What is the goal to losing weight?  It seems that if you look around everyone says they are on a diet.  Why? Is it because they want to lose weight or do they want to live a healthy lifestyle? Or do they just say that because they are making excuses for how they feel.


Being a “Mindset Coach”  I am here to help you change your mindset in to how you think about your diet.   


Sandy MangisI saw a picture of myself and said “what happened!”  Something needed to be done. Struggling myself trying to keep my clothes fitting the way I like and not having to buy bigger ones, I finally found a plan that works with me and for me.  Let me explain and then you can decide to have a look.


I didn’t just go out and look for a diet, this one was introduced to me by a great friend.  She and others have lost a lot of weight and so I had to have a look.


What I found was so much more.  This is an educational program custom-made to fit “me” and help me along the way to shape my unique lifestyle.  No matter what obstacle comes along.


It works with your eating, your body composition, the supplements to give you that help in what your body needs. All backed up with mentors and education to create the mindset you need to stay with it.  


They believe that weight loss isn’t magic.  It’s science! Choose the Lifestyle Teaching Solution (TLS)  that fits to create a whole new you.


Obstacles Will Be There, Guaranteed!!


Obstacles are always going to be there, so let’s stop right now trying to avoid them.  


Here is a blurb from my post on Obstacles that I thought would fit here:


“Just as you have a desk full of pens and paper, a kitchen full of utensils, and a shed full of tools, these are all used for obstacles. Some can be obvious and others are sneaky and bite us in the butt. We should set out our days full of hope and joy, yet don’t be surprised by that crack in the sidewalk, the spill in the kitchen, that weed in the flower bed that you had no idea how it got there, because it wasn’t there yesterday. And, the gas tank that just beeped at you because it is empty.”  Continue reading….


Obstacles are mainly mindset and when you face them right, they will crumble.  Use them as stepping-stones to get what you need. Obstacles, stress or whatever else you may call it is not one-size-fits-all.  We all deal with it differently, what is important is that we deal with it correctly.


Turning the Tables to Losing Weight the Right Way


Sandy MangisA lot of people ask me how I get done what I do.  Yes, if I named off all the things I have going on in my life you would be tired just listening to them, but how do I do it?  I have learned the way to ease my stress, my weight and still maintain the life I want to live. Now I am going to share with you what I am doing.


There are four main areas that we need to focus on daily.



Find a quiet, comfortable space and try some of these.  See which one works best for you. Deep breathing, Yoga, Meditation, tapping, Forest bathing, or Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.  Ask me if you don’t know what come of these are. By letting your thoughts come and go you will feel the lifting and overall refreshed.


This is the best way to reduce stress and anxiety.  Get up and start moving. Even if you have to start by walking around the block, you have your body moving.  Gain a little more everyday. Get the heart rate up and then stretch it. You will surprise yourself how far you can really go.

Cleaning up diet  (what we put in our mouths)

You know the old saying, “You are what you eat”?  Well, there is some truth to that. The normal american diet is higher in things that you really shouldn’t eat.  Get back to nature with veggies and homemade food. Cooking can be fun when you learn what to make. Cut back on the sugar and caffeine and you will feel so much better.


Being Social

Having a conversation with someone in person can relieve stress and pump you up to get the other things I mentioned here done easier.  Being a Techy person I do tend to hide behind the screen, but did you know that the screen itself can cause straining and stress.

Studies have found that when you have a person to person chat with someone it gives you a sense of belonging and self-worth.  This brings up your spirits and makes your new lifestyle so much more enriched.


These four things will clean your body and soul and begin to create the new you.


Now I ask, “what are you going to do”?   Are you going on a diet or changing a lifestyle.


Get started the right way by going to the Lifestyle Teaching Solution (TLS) now!  Reach out to me by commenting below and I will help you along the way.


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