What 5 Secrets Do You Need To Put Pieces Together and Ease The Way Of Starting Something New


Do you ever start something new?  I have a new project in the works and wanted to share with you how I go about getting it started.  I know it can be time-consuming and sometimes difficult.


There are many ways you can think of, or remember in school, when teachers would help you come up with ideas or gather ingredients.  But, what happens when you need to think out of the blue and start something all on your own!


Are you scared or excited?   


My new project has been developing now for a few years, but I never sat down and put it into place.  If you have followed me for a while you know I teach a lot of mindset and passion. I help you with the core things you need to get your business started and in place, but to start a new addition from scratch is a different kind of thinking.


No matter what part you are working on, it works the same.  


How to work on something new


I want to help you get you imaginary mind working and start creating.  


My favorite quote:  

  “Life isn’t about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself.”


Your own journey being shared with others can spark so many creative ideas and can open a new world for you.  It did for me.


With this new addition to my journey I am filling in my lifestyle with some health.  Having to shift our food and cooking has made me start to think. Cooking to me can be fun if I have the time to enjoy it, yet in the past with the kids and crazy life, I just never really got into it.  


There is my first way of thinking.  So to continue.


Health has become very important in our lives, especially with age, that it is taking priority over everything else and that is why I am adding it to my business.  Hence starting something new!


When you think about health and nutrition you think,  yeah I need to eat right and exercise. What I have found is;  that it isn’t that simple. A lot of thought and planning and research needs to be put into place to really create a new lifestyle.  We need to think this through just like a business.  We need to find the right coaches and mentors.  Reading the right books to make sure it is right for us and knowing our limits and intolerance.  Every individual is different.


Examples to use when you are starting something new;   Starting with the cores of business.   


Your basic topic.   What is it that you talk about? 


Is it eating habits : like portion control?

Is it supplements that helps your body deal with the food you do eat.  

Are there recipes to share, but how to share them.



A website or blog.  How do you want it laid out:.    


Do I want to talk about it, or write about it?  

Supplements can be tricky for they can be good for one and not another.

Is there more than one person to consider?


The mindset you need to keep it going:  This is big, for if you do not believe or really want the change then you will not be staying with it for long.  Commitment is the key.


Your health and exercise is an important part:    In all businesses this is important. When you incorporate these into your daily habits your work and surrounding will be so much better.

Stumble yet keep moving forward:    We all have roadblocks and stopping points.  Learning how to use them or go around them. Keeping up all the work you have done so far can be a little tricky.

So now that you know the 5 Secrets On How To Put Pieces Together To Ease The Way Of Starting Something New,  share with me what you are doing, and remember to be creative and start loving every minute of it.




Come and see all the things that I can help you with.  Starting something new by yourself is scary and you do not have to do it all alone.

Join me here


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