My name is Sandy Mangis.   I grew up on a farm in a small town of Washington State.  After college I came home and married that really annoying boy from school.  (he grew up).  I have two wonderful kids, Now both through college and on their own.  I have been a career mom from the beginning, dabbled with MLM’s occasionally, but failed, tried again and failed.  

With the milestone of turning 50 and my full-time job making me crazy,  I needed a change.  A BIG change.  Something I could call my own.  I lost me and when someone asks me what my niche is, I didn’t know what to tell them.  What did I like?  

Blogging has been a part of my life for three years.   Something completely different from anything I have ever done before.   A lot to learn.  For I am a numbers person (an accountant) and writing was my first challenge.   

Now this is where my story becomes interesting.  About a week after I decided to go all-IN my husband was diagnosed with cancer.  Wow, starting a new business, having to deal with this and aging parents, but that is another whole story,  I survived.  It turned out that my blogging was my therapy, I held on tight.  

This is where my goals play a big part.  After living paycheck to paycheck for most of our lives, it was now a need to pay off bills, fix the house, and  maybe learn how to live on one paycheck.  Scary.  Plus retirement isn’t that far away and what then.   I had decisions to make.  

As my job got crazier and crazier and makes me MAD most days, looking for another one at my age was just not going to work, you are overqualified or missing certain aspects.  I am done with that!  Empower Network is my option.  It is a warm, wonderful, exciting, energizing place to be.  It’s good to have something that can keep you young at heart.  

In our two-year struggle with cancer we learned that he is now cancer free and hopes to stay that way for quite some time.  It did wake us up though.   I have set my goals to work from home so I have the freedom to help my family when it’s needed and don’t have to ask for time off to go to the doctor, or treatments or have to go plan your vacation around others.  That doesn’t work so well when not feeling good comes and goes, never on a schedule.  

I found my niche!  I am a go to person.  I love puzzles and putting things together.  I dig to find answers and always come up with solutions.  The blogging system is easy for me, all the bits and pieces are fascinating.   My downfall and what I am shooting for is the communication skills.  I want to share what I found and what my therapy is for others to have it also.

With Empower Network, there are no downfalls,  there is always learning and creating.   With all the training modules we have, you need no more.   You have on going things to listen to and people to follow.  Story after story of amazing people and amazing adventures.  

I have found more than an Online Business.  I have found a new community to live in and I am able to spread my wings and see the world on my terms.

To not share this with others would be a crime.  Just get in and see for yourself.


I am a Career Mom turned Home Entrepreneur.    Now that my children have grown and moved on I wanted to start something new…blogging!!!  Finding my “niche” in life and helping others find theirs.

front door

I have learned how to turn 40+ hours into a 4 hour day.   I gave myself a raise and escaped the corporate world.

I have learned that investing in myself has helped me grow as an individual and a family member.

I now have friends and family all over the world.  We are here for each other with inspiration and knowledge that you can not find any other place.

Do YOU have a Passion of Empowering People to live life to the fullest?

Discover How to Turn Your Passion Into a Richly Rewarding and Fulfilling Career.



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    1. You are welcome, I have two blogs running at the moment, and we are in the process of upgrading our blogging system in the coming months. It is a great company to work with and the leaders who teach what they do in the products that we sell. Learning to become millionaires from millionaires. If you have any questions please ask, or follow my links. Here is my other blog
      Have a properous day.

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