Sandy MangisHi I’m Sandy Mangis a Business Strategies and Transition Coach,


Showing women that there is a way to change and move forward.  You don’t need to be stuck in your career, in your education or in the time control that life has given you.  The kids are gone and you feel empty and have lost yourself.


With 35 years of being a Career wife and mom, a blogging expert and an author of a self help book, I found that my Executive job was a trap.  Being top of the scale there was no where to go, no raise to get and the only option to see my potential grow was to start over.  Who wants that after so many years.


I found the answer I was looking for, the one that will ease my life, one that gives vision to change and one that will let me have control with purpose and meaning.


I love to be in the outdoors and enjoy what nature has for us.  Giving me a challenge is just like a puzzle and I could spend hours on a puzzle.  Finding the final piece brings me great joy.


I love inspirational quotes that help others find a little peace in this crazy world.  I am not all that crafty yet finding DIY projects are a lot of fun.  My inner child of wanting to be a designer will rearrange the house many times.


Working for myself has given me a great way to exercise my brain and be healthier than the stress any other job has given me.


Are you feeling like one of the living dead? The robot lifestyle day after day?  Tired of being behind on your bills, in your job, in your education and looking for ways to make your tired body rejoice again?


If you are always dreaming of being somewhere else and wanting it bad enough to make the change or if you are tired of starting and failing over and over only to end up in the same spot … share below and let me see if I can help.