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Do you remember the stories grandpa used to tell? Did you sit for hours, or think oh, I know that story and always seem to be surprised? Do you find yourself repeating something that you heard? Are you telling stories?

Little Known Secrets About Finding The Inside of Me

Want to know me a little better?     OK, Here are 7 things about who I am and what I have to share with you!     Number 1.   I am a mom of two wonderful kids a boy and girl.  I was blessed to have one of each to experience the difference.  They were … Continue reading Little Known Secrets About Finding The Inside of Me

Teaching someone something through an eBook.

As a numbers person learning that there is more to life than the day to day grind, of the same old month to month things that bookkeepers do; to finding who I am and what I like, learning how to express that is more than what words can describe. How do you want to grow and how do you want to share is where your list has to come from.

2 Simplistic Ebook Videos

Have you started your eBook yet? I know you might be scared, a little bit anxious or not sure if it is something you should do or not!. No? Well I was and still am a little. With my blogging business, I have learned that reading is a very important part of creating yourself and building your business, so I am becoming more of a book lover. But writing more than a blog might be difficult? But as I am studying this a little more and giving you pointers, I am realizing that its not all that bad. So come have a listen and see what we can come up with together.

How Organized Content Has Created My BLOG

Where does Creative Content come from? Blogging is sharing a story about things that you have found across your life and on the internet that is from other peoples experiences. Having creative content adds value to what you are sharing. Did you know that everything that is studied and shared, not matter what the source is from someones story? Things had to be experienced and documented to be able to be shared. Finding content and keeping yourself organized can create a blog that people will want to follow. If you tend to jump around or skip through what you are trying to say, you loose peoples attention.