What Key Things You Need For Attraction Marketing

So, you started a Business online. Do you have a firm grasp of what you are doing and believe it so much that you are attracting others? What key things do you need to create Attraction to your Marketing? Knowing is always better than guessing.

#1 Sin of Marketing | Don’t Be Boring

#1 Sin of Marketing | Don’t Be Boring   Marketing is one of the oldest things that the world has known.  It is in every place you turn, but there are way to do it right and ways to turn people away.  The #1 sin in marketing is that you are boring.      Don’t … Continue reading #1 Sin of Marketing | Don’t Be Boring

Brand Tagline | Attractive Slogan | What’s Your Punchline

A Brand Tagline is something that is recognizable and grabs your attention. An Attractive Slogan is something that leaves a lasting effect. So when you are branding and creating a logo, this is very important. You want to be attractive and remembered. What's Your Punchline