Struggling with Attitude | 5 Ways To Pump Yourself Up

Has life taken it's toll and put everything in front of you? I know how you feel when nothing is going right and more things just keep you struggling. I found some things to help pump you up.   First thing:   take some time away.   Taking time for yourself is not selfish.   It is … Continue reading Struggling with Attitude | 5 Ways To Pump Yourself Up

7 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

Many great things have started as a simple, creative idea. Let's learn how to boost that creativity.   The more creative you are, the more ideas you will be able to create.  I found this old blog post of mine and I wanted to re-share it.  I have a poster in my office that I … Continue reading 7 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

Career Change Needed| 8 Ways To Change Your Career And Be Ready

Are you looking for a Career Change? How do you know what to look for or even where to go? Here are 8 ways to help you change and find just that. Are you ready?

What Throws Me For A Loop | Lying To Yourself

What throws me for a loop and how I handle it, can be worse than lying to yourself. Did you know there are many damaging things that we say to ourselves on a daily basis?

Are You Ready | It Will Be Here Before You Know It

Are you ready for what is in front of you? Have you ever looked ahead and planned for anything, it doesn't matter what it is. How do you prepare for company coming for dinner, your retirement, a new family member, such as a baby or a wedding. Where does it start? Your Mindset!