7 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

Many great things have started as a simple, creative idea. Let's learn how to boost that creativity.   The more creative you are, the more ideas you will be able to create.  I found this old blog post of mine and I wanted to re-share it.  I have a poster in my office that I … Continue reading 7 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

Inspiration and Motivation | Washed In The Mud

Does Your Inspiration Need to Be Washed in the Mud to Get You Going Some times to get my business and others inspired, we need to get washed in the Mud! You know, dig down, get dirty, splash around, give it your all, have fun and be covered in mud when we are all done.

10 Steps To Get Started | The Diet and Exercise For Your Business.

Have you ever started a diet and exercise program to lose weight or set a healthy living? One of the 8 core steps in our company is to exercise, because it refreshes our brain. So I started and it got me thinking. How can I apply this to my business.

Digital Storytelling Art | Storytelling Training

Do you remember the stories grandpa used to tell? Did you sit for hours, or think oh, I know that story and always seem to be surprised? Do you find yourself repeating something that you heard? Are you telling stories?