Mindset Of A Good Leader | What Voice Are You Listening To

Anyone can be a leader! It is a decision only YOU can make. It is the way your voice and actions come across. Creating the mindset of a good leader and then hearing the voice that you are listening for will change whatever you are reaching for.

What Does A Social Attitude Mean | What Kind Of Week Has It Been

What Does A Social Attitude Mean | What Kind Of Week Has It Been   Social attitude can come from so many sources.  The ones that we choose to keep is the key to how your week has been.  What does a social attitude mean and what kind of a week did you have?   … Continue reading What Does A Social Attitude Mean | What Kind Of Week Has It Been

Generating Sparkle for You And Me Through Visibility

You have a unique Sparkle of Visibility, use that to generate traffic to your blog. Today we are ending the series on what is all included in a BLOG. This is where we generate your visibility and product traffic in leads and sales for your site. I am sharing this to give you some ideas to help you sparkle brighter than others so your readers will keep following and then share it with others. I have a list of things to keep in mind and certain aspects you can adopt to help with this traffic flow. But first I have a couple of articles to share that will help with your mind flow when you are producing your visibility products.

Lesson I Learned From Driving In The Dark

In the winter time, the days are shorter and the dark nights seem to be blacker than ever. Driving in these conditions makes you alert and anxious. You are always watching out in front of you not knowing what you are going to come across. For me, I drive a lot of back country roads. You never know what can be around the next corner; there can be lots of big animals coming across the road. There are lots of curves and even though you have driven them many times they still can sneak up on you. It seems to be even worse when the snow is flying or the rain is coming down in sheets. The visibility can be very limited. This is when all of your senses tend to come into play. Your grip gets stronger, your eyes are wide open, you turn your radio down for fear of distraction, and your whole body seem to tense up. You start thinking of all the reasons why you should not be there at that moment and you just want it to be over.