Find Your Voice | Let Your Voice Be Heard

I have been on a journey which entails finding my voice? Not like most would think, even though I do love to sing, I am finding my voice in communication, in sharing, in making myself known for something to be remember for. Let your voice be heard!

Digital Storytelling Art | Storytelling Training

Do you remember the stories grandpa used to tell? Did you sit for hours, or think oh, I know that story and always seem to be surprised? Do you find yourself repeating something that you heard? Are you telling stories?

2 Simplistic Ebook Videos

Have you started your eBook yet? I know you might be scared, a little bit anxious or not sure if it is something you should do or not!. No? Well I was and still am a little. With my blogging business, I have learned that reading is a very important part of creating yourself and building your business, so I am becoming more of a book lover. But writing more than a blog might be difficult? But as I am studying this a little more and giving you pointers, I am realizing that its not all that bad. So come have a listen and see what we can come up with together.

Attraction Hacks That Can Leverage Your Image

Your Brand Image is one of the important parts in setting up the leverage for your Blog. This is considered the attraction part. How do you get people to come and see you? Is it all boring with just a lot of words or have you added some of your character into it with pictures and videos. When you were young, did you go for the books that just had words or did you look for the great picture on the front to get you interested in picking that particular one? How about a Logo? That can be really hard with a personal logo. But if you consider it a business, what is it that you have to offer? What is the message that you are trying to get across? How about a tagline, theme, or color? What makes it attractive and gives you the leverage to stand out over others? When you are building a blog your Image needs to shine through. This is something that is personal and you are truly selling yourself, so what do you like and how can that make you attractive?