Find Your Voice | Let Your Voice Be Heard

I have been on a journey which entails finding my voice? Not like most would think, even though I do love to sing, I am finding my voice in communication, in sharing, in making myself known for something to be remember for. Let your voice be heard!

Marketing Leads From A Blog | Easy Ways To Make Money

What is your kind of business? Is online or offline? It really doesn’t matter, we all seem to want the same ending. That is to find easy ways to make money doing what ever you are doing. Does your business collect marketing leads from a blog? Is your blog your website for all the items you sell?

Wake Up Call | Are You Driving In The Wrong Direction?

Wake Up Call |  Are you driving in the wrong direction?   This is your Wake Up Call.  Life is out there.  Are you driving in the wrong direction?   We use so much time and energy in our failure.    Is it all nonsense?   Do you go out of your way to do something? Procrastinating, … Continue reading Wake Up Call | Are You Driving In The Wrong Direction?

Brand Tagline | Attractive Slogan | What’s Your Punchline

A Brand Tagline is something that is recognizable and grabs your attention. An Attractive Slogan is something that leaves a lasting effect. So when you are branding and creating a logo, this is very important. You want to be attractive and remembered. What's Your Punchline