Explaining The 80 20 Rule or Is It A Law

You hear about the 80/20 rule, but do you really know what it means. I never really heard it before I entered the Entrepreneurial world, but the more I study it and have it explained, the more it takes effect and meaning. You can use it in all aspects of life and business.   To be … Continue reading Explaining The 80 20 Rule or Is It A Law

Struggling with Attitude | 5 Ways To Pump Yourself Up

5 Ways to Pump Up Your Attitude.   Has life taken its toll and put everything in front of you? I know how you feel when nothing is going right and more things just keep you struggling. I found some things to help pump you up.   First thing:   take some time away.   Taking … Continue reading Struggling with Attitude | 5 Ways To Pump Yourself Up

Blogging Career | There Is A Career In Blogging

Having a Career from your home can be so much fun. A Blogging Career can take you a long ways and is so . It is a profession that many are joining in this day and age.   Did You know that you could give yourself a RAISE whenever you felt like it. That is … Continue reading Blogging Career | There Is A Career In Blogging

Going Against The Grain | We Play By A Different Set Of Rules.

It seems like our lives have been set up by many rules. Have you ever wanted to play by a different set of rules and have some adventure? It’s like going against the grain! The saying came from “the fact that someone who rubs his hand against the grain on a piece of lumber will get splinters.”

Mindset Of A Good Leader | What Voice Are You Listening To

Anyone can be a leader! It is a decision only YOU can make. It is the way your voice and actions come across. Creating the mindset of a good leader and then hearing the voice that you are listening for will change whatever you are reaching for.

Find Your Voice | Let Your Voice Be Heard

I have been on a journey which entails finding my voice? Not like most would think, even though I do love to sing, I am finding my voice in communication, in sharing, in making myself known for something to be remember for. Let your voice be heard!

Marketing Leads From A Blog | Easy Ways To Make Money

What is your kind of business? Is online or offline? It really doesn’t matter, we all seem to want the same ending. That is to find easy ways to make money doing what ever you are doing. Does your business collect marketing leads from a blog? Is your blog your website for all the items you sell?