Marketing Leads From A Blog | Easy Ways To Make Money

What is your kind of business? Is online or offline? It really doesn’t matter, we all seem to want the same ending. That is to find easy ways to make money doing what ever you are doing. Does your business collect marketing leads from a blog? Is your blog your website for all the items you sell?

Roller-Coaster Circle of Life | Be Careful Of Your Thoughts and Actions

Roller-Coaster Circle of Life  |  Be Careful Of Your Thoughts and Actions   Things in life, thoughts and actions, always seem to have a way of coming back, don't you agree? They are like roller-coasters in life that go up and down and then can run out of control, before they start over again.   … Continue reading Roller-Coaster Circle of Life | Be Careful Of Your Thoughts and Actions

10 Steps To Get Started | The Diet and Exercise For Your Business.

Have you ever started a diet and exercise program to lose weight or set a healthy living? One of the 8 core steps in our company is to exercise, because it refreshes our brain. So I started and it got me thinking. How can I apply this to my business.

Digital Storytelling Art | Storytelling Training

Do you remember the stories grandpa used to tell? Did you sit for hours, or think oh, I know that story and always seem to be surprised? Do you find yourself repeating something that you heard? Are you telling stories?

How to Build A True Residual Income You Can Bet On

This is a statement that I hear often so I wanted to address it: How to Build A True Residual Income You Can Bet On! Since we were all young we all dreamed about and studied for, is to have a residual income that we can count on. So what kind of a residual income are you trying to build? One that you need to work for or one that works for you? Let me explain.

Are You Ready | It Will Be Here Before You Know It

Are you ready for what is in front of you? Have you ever looked ahead and planned for anything, it doesn't matter what it is. How do you prepare for company coming for dinner, your retirement, a new family member, such as a baby or a wedding. Where does it start? Your Mindset!

Not Following This Simple 3 Step Method may Be Dangerous To Your Bank Account

Are you thinking too much to overwhelm you and make you Poor? The rich do have an advantage over you you know. No, its not a college education , no, most were not born that way, and no, they don't have to be part of the mafia.