Greetings To One And All!


cropped-cover-pic.pngI wanted to show you my personal side today, and say “HI”.   It’s nice to have a face with a name, and to get to know the writer.  Book covers have pictures of the authors on the back so why not blogs.  


What I Do

A Business Strategist & Transition Coach for Professional Women looking to transform their career and financial status. Helping the ones overwhelmed and tired, looking for the freedom to express who they are and build on their own potential. Getting them out of the rat race and have time returned. Being a Career mother and 35+ years of business experience I have developed a Passion-Based Business to show others a way to give meaning and purpose to who they are again. Are you ready for change?


I teach others how to start and grow a profitable Digital Online Business with our unique coaching products and world class live events.

Expressing Myself


My Coaching Products encourage interaction and reaching out.   I want to show that we all have our own style and niche, as they say, of who we are and what we like. 


I am a numbers person, an Accountant for many years. I am finding a new me and learning how to express myself for others to see.  I have learned how to be the trainer and teacher of marketing, socializing, and most important, communicating.



Why I Started An Online Business


My Husband and I are from small town USA.  We love the country lifestyle.  We have raised two wonderful children and worked our way up the corporate ladder. 


There came a time when we wanted more, we didn’t see ourselves letting our true potential come through.  I felt I was missing out on where I could be going.  It was like I was being held back with the laws of the corporate world.  Where was I to end up? 


My house was falling apart around me, I was never home to give it the love it needed.  I had to wait for payday to put food in the fridge and cupboards.  The bills were put into a jar to pull out which ones were going to get paid.  There was just not enough left,  we were living paycheck to paycheck. 


It seemed like I could never dig myself out of the hole we had put our selves in.   I felt powerless, and even worse, I felt like I was failing as a parent and a wife.   Maybe you can relate…..


Allow me to share with you the exact moment I made the decision to change…..I woke up one day and said I need a change.  I needed to get out of the robot state I was in.


All I wanted was a family, children and a career that would give us a great lifestyle.  I felt like I was there, some would say I have a great life.  But I knew deep down that something was missing.  Was this all?



When I found this new life I wasn’t sure if it was right for me, but as I jumped in I found a whole new world and one to fill the empty hole that I had.


I found that your life has molded you to what you are today, but it doesn’t hold you.


You need to go and create who you want to be.  It is truly possible!




P.S. ARE YOU STRUGGLING FINANCIALLY RIGHT NOW?  Then this is something you will want to look at and if you want to learn from the ones who do it; then just click the button and start.


“Every child is an artist. The challenge is to remain an artist after you grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

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