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Sandy Mangis

Entrepreneur, Transformation Leader, Blogging Expert, Business Mentor, Author


Who Am I

Sandy Mangis

I am a numbers person, an Accountant for many years. I went on a journey finding a new me and learning how to express myself for others to see.  I have learned how to be the trainer and teacher of marketing, socializing, and most important, communicating. Helping others find their own voice in this world.   

When I first saw myself, it gave me a sense of calm and excitement all at the same time.  It was great to really see it, but I still didn’t know what to do with it.  I needed to find more. I needed to give myself a reason why!  In creating a business from your passion, you need to have this crystal clear. 

Does your story relate with mine? How you see yourself from where you came from, and who you helped, will set you up for giving back. 

I was feeling the roller-coaster, and wondering why I didn’t have control.  I started to watch and pay attention to some of the action I took and noticed more amazing things.  Now I realize what I need to focus on to change the flow.

I knew there was a secret, what I needed in order to have an online business was more than just products. It was something deep.  It was something that had to come from somewhere else, something that had to come from inside of me.

I feel that when you wake up and listen, your voice is singing loud. When you are Singing loud, others will hear. Life is About Creating Yourself



Areas of Specialty:


My Book  “The Forgotten Woman: The Quest to Create a Better You and Learn to Go After What You Want in The Online Business World”

Learn To Monetize Your Blog Posts By 200%

Creative Techniques To Set Up A Blog In 10 Minutes

Using Imagination And Creativity To Find Your True Potential And Let That Shine Through Your Own Business

7 Strategies To Motivate You When Your Business Falters

“Learn to Create Compelling Content For Blog Posts and Videos

 “How to Turn Your Blog Into A Money Making Machine”



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