Is It Your Purpose of Gaining Partners Or Collecting Leads

Have you ever asked yourself what kind of person are you trying to reach? What is the purpose of your message? Are you building a team to have a relationship with or are you just collecting names to have someone to send things to? What is your purpose? Depending on what you are selling or sharing, that can answer a lot of those types of questions, but I am here to tell you, if you want returning customers and loyal friends you need to build relationships and partners.

2 Helping Act Of Kindness, and Helping Others on Videos

How would you Help someone in Need? Saving someone’s life or helping them along is a good way to show affection. Have you ever helped someone through an event, or even just through the door? Affection should be in our nature, not something we do just for the ones we love or know. Giving acts of kindness also makes your heart feel lighter and gives you that extra bounce in your step. I have something for you to do today and tomorrow! See how many good things you can do for others and make a list. I bet you will surprise yourself either way. Think about how you feel at the end of the day! Think about how the other people thought! I bet that will surprise you also. Someone In Need People can help others without even knowing it. Making ourselves aware of the acts we perform, gives us an advantage. We can be one step ahead and learn how to be a kinder person, or be able to think ahead of what you are doing. The lesson I want to pass on to you today is to be mindful of your acts and look for ways to help others. Kindness can show up in the strangest places, take a look at the following video.

How to Save Hours a Day 10 Points on Your Body to Help With Memory

Unbelievable Memory Tricks and Hacks with Jim Kwik and Lewis Howes   10 Points on Your Body to Help With Memory   Ever got on stage or in front of a group and forgot what you were going to say? It happens more often than you think. Or just in everyday life, you forgot where … Continue reading How to Save Hours a Day 10 Points on Your Body to Help With Memory

Lesson I Learned From Driving In The Dark

In the winter time, the days are shorter and the dark nights seem to be blacker than ever. Driving in these conditions makes you alert and anxious. You are always watching out in front of you not knowing what you are going to come across. For me, I drive a lot of back country roads. You never know what can be around the next corner; there can be lots of big animals coming across the road. There are lots of curves and even though you have driven them many times they still can sneak up on you. It seems to be even worse when the snow is flying or the rain is coming down in sheets. The visibility can be very limited. This is when all of your senses tend to come into play. Your grip gets stronger, your eyes are wide open, you turn your radio down for fear of distraction, and your whole body seem to tense up. You start thinking of all the reasons why you should not be there at that moment and you just want it to be over.

Why Blog? Plain and Simple

Why Blog? Plain and Simple   Some blogs are for specific purposes and others are done for fun. They are used for articles, training, selling, recipes, poems, books, updates, schools, Churches, financial institutions, and municipalities. There are many different kinds of setups, keeping the individualism of the company or the person. But you say “Why … Continue reading Why Blog? Plain and Simple