Where To Start Blogging, are You Stuck?

Blogging,where does it start? Are you one to keep a journal? Are you one to jot down notes and things you want to remember? Why do you so that? Is it because you want to share or things you you will need later? That is essentially what a blog is! A collection of things that people want to share with others. Since I started blogging I have noticed a that there is no trend, there is no similarity between blogs, because they are created by each individual person with that individual style. Yes you can have the same theme, and finding a great platform is very important. There is a lot more to it than just finding content to fill up the page. The one I found does so much for you in the background with training included. Helping to make it you full time job with a great comp plan. Get it here, it will change your life. GO Here! Now that you have it started. Where do you go? Why not start at the beginning with the letter B. Building a strong foundation. What is your story and what do you want to share? This is your target or niche. It is your passion or vision of what you want to share. Treat it like the foundation of a house, where everything is anchored down on it. Got it, good, now just start writing. What? You don't know what to do? Are you sitting there in front of a blank screen or paper? OK then shoot a video! What? You are still stuck? Umm. Need some help? Click here and watch. You will get all the training you will need to have a great blog. How do I know?