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Hi, I’m Sandy,

Showing people ways to create wealth and inspiration for creating a journey worth living.


A Business Strategist & Mindset Coach for Professionals looking to transform their career and financial status. Helping the ones overwhelmed and tired, looking for the freedom to express who they are and build on their own potential.

Getting them out of the rat race and have time returned. Being a Career mother and 35+ years of business experience I have developed a Passion-Based Business to show others a way to give meaning and purpose to who they are again. Are you ready for change?




I contacted Sandy because I was lost and not sure who my Avatar was or what my niche was. She gave me a couple of assignments to do to help me with that. I really put some thought into what she asked me to do and really did some soul-searching. After completing them, I found some of the things that were blocking me from moving forward and how to get through them. I now have a better understanding of myself, my niche, my problems, where I want to go, and how to go on from here. Sandy made it so simple, I just had to think about it, put it on paper, and then read it from someone else’s eyes. Thank you, Sandy, for helping me through this! Jeri


I just want to give a MASSIVE shout out to this EXTRAORDINARY WOMAN, Sandy Mangis who puts everyone’s needs before her own and her heart into all that she does. Not only does she run for a cure … but she’s leading the charge in PROJECT TITAN. This woman with a #strong voice is on a mission to change lives! Reach out to her … … it could be YOURS she changes.



Dennis Schell

Dennis Schell

Having known Sandy since 2011, I’ve always found her to be an exemplary professional, an approachable person and a wonderful friend. In the professional arena, we often hear preaching and social posts about taking action and risks, following your dreams and really getting after it to make things happen. Sandy has always seemed to me, to do more than just give lip service to her dreams…Sandy is an action taker and a future maker..

I strive to surround myself with those who work to achieve their dreams, it helps inspire me to do more. Sandy is one of those people and am constantly impressed with her persistency and dedication to her goals while having an intense willingness to help others attack and achieve their dreams as well.




Come and listen to a great Interview where Timothy Owen  slices the cake and lets me share my story.


“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters in the end”   Ernest Hemingway

Sandy Mangis
Business Strategist & Mindset Coach

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Spangle, Washington

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Areas of Specialty:

 Entrepreneur, Business Strategies, Mindset Coach, Blogging Expert, Business Mentor, and the  Author of “Finding The Forgotten Woman”


Listen to this interview as I share why I do what I do.