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Hi I’m Sandy Mangis,

Sandy Mangis

I have been on a quest lately and want to bring you along and see how it can help you!   It is working on me, helping me find myself and a direction for my life.  It has gotten me to look at who I am, and where I am in life.   A journey that has helped me find something that I didn’t realize I had lost:  ME!


Have you ever felt that way?


My name is Sandy Mangis.   I grew up on a farm in a small town of Washington State, USA.




After college I came home and married that really annoying boy from High School (He grew up).  I have two wonderful kids, now both through college and on their own.   Here is a story about my daughter.   And another one about my son. 

Little Know Secrets


I’ve been a career mom from the beginning, dabbled with MLM’s, like Mary Kay Cosmetics, Herbalife, and a few others we won’t mention, but failed, tried again, and failed.  I felt like I couldn’t sell a thing, but I always knew I wanted a job from home.


With the milestone of turning 50 and my full-time job starting to make me crazy, who can relate?

I needed a change.  A BIG change.  Something I could call my own, away from the Boss or the shared vacation schedule and the four walls we call an office.  So as I work, I am creating a new Journey to Aim and Reclaim who I am and show others they can too.




I felt like I lost something.  I didn’t know it was “me”.


When someone asked me what my niche (didn’t know what the word even was) or passion was, I didn’t know what to tell them.  What did  “I”   like?   But first I needed to find a purpose and a plan to set everything in motion.


I needed something completely different from anything I had ever done before.   Looking back I have done a lot, you could say I lived.  All I really wanted to do was get married, have kids a house and grow old.  That was what you were taught to do.  My mom sent me to college to learn how to live on my own before I hit the real world.   So I did.


sandy mangis about

I have that BA in Economics and yes I am a very Techy person.  That comes easy to me.   The title on my business card is Accounting and IT Supervisor.   But my communication skills were horrible.  My writing and expressing myself stank!   So HOW was I going to create something that depended on showing off who I was?


Sandy Mangis About
Are You Asking the Right Questions



I started a blog, and boy, I had a lot to learn!  For I am a numbers person (an accountant) and writing was my first challenge.   Yet, if you haven’t tried it, wow! I would recommend it to everyone.   I found a new mindset that helped me grow from the inside out.  It helped me release my inner self and find the true being that I am.  It gave me a purpose to stand tall and strong, and know that I can make a difference!  I know have three.   Secret Jar Of Success  (ideas to grow),   Jar Of Success (my podcast), and Sandy Mangis.com (training)


Now this is where Sandy Mangis becomes interesting.



Sandy Mangis AboutAbout a week after I decided to go “all-in” with my internet business, my husband was diagnosed with cancer.  Wow. Starting a new business, having to deal with this news challenge and aging parents (but that is a whole other story), I am surviving.  It turned out that my blogging was my therapy, and I held on tight.




Next, it was time to set my goals (which played a big part of where I am today).  After living paycheck to paycheck for most of our lives, a need was in front of us. A major one to pay off the bills, fix the house (32 years of wear and tear), and maybe learn how to live on one paycheck.  Scary.  Plus, retirement isn’t that far away and what then?  I don’t know about you, but I am not relying upon social security, 401K, and pensions.  Have you seen the stats on those?


I had decisions to make about Sandy Mangis.


As my corporate job got crazier and crazier, looking for another one at my age was just not going to work, you seem to be overqualified or missing certain aspects.  I am done with that! I was not about to start over.


What I did find though, was something that is warm, wonderful, and exciting.  An energizing place to be.  It’s good to have something that can keep you young in your heart.  I get to blog every day on my passions and find out who I really am!




Finding something that is my therapy and extended family!





In our ongoing four-year struggle with cancer we have learned a lot.  We learned how to live as though life is on hold.  From scan to scan you can plan.  Your goals turn into short-term so you make the most of it. It woke us up.  You have to always be prepared, and have a residual income to fall back on.  My Biz has given me that!

Sandy Mangis About

Empower Through

It has taught me how to create, and go after what I want.  This is where I can help you do that too!


I have set my goals to work from home, so I have the freedom to help my family when it’s needed and don’t have to ask for time off to go to the doctor, or treatments.  Also plan our vacations when it is convenient for us not around other people’s schedules.  It doesn’t work so well when not feeling good comes and goes.  Cancer is never on a schedule.


I want to share what I found. My therapy is for others to have also. A way to express yourself, find what really matters to you, and share it with the world.




I found my niche!  “I am a go to person”.  “A helpful individual”.  I love puzzles and putting things together.  I dig to find answers and always come up with solutions.  In this post I share 7 more little known facts about Sandy Mangis




Do you know who you are?  Do you live each day to the fullest as if there is no tomorrow?



With all the learning and creating available in what I found, you need no more.   There are ongoing things to listen to and people to follow.  Story after story of amazing people and amazing adventures.  It’s time to create your own, Get on my EMAIL list.!


I have found more than an Online Business.  I have found a new community to live in, and I am able to spread my wings and see the world on my terms.



This journey has been one that has helped me find my strong voice and passions again.  I have learned how to grow something that is more than a business, it is a lifestyle that most just dream of.



As seasons change and people grow they tend to get stuck in the day-to-day grind.  They go about their lives from one thing to the other, not paying much attention, and after time they do not realize they have lost something.



All I ever wanted was to be a wife and a mother.  The career came because of the day and age we live in.  It was one that needed a two income household.  We wanted the best for our kids and we did all we could to give them that.   We were at every event, every sport, going non-stop until our kids grew up.  “Now what?”   I said.  Just going to work was not where I wanted to be.



So I started this journey to create a home based business. I thought it was because I wanted to escape the corporate world and make more money. Yet, starting my quest in Empower, I found that I didn’t know who I was anymore, or what I even liked.  I didn’t want to be “The Forgotten Woman”, so I set out to build on that. I had turned a corner in my life and started an adventure of my own, and found out I needed more.



Do you see yourself there? Do you need more?  Let me help you find it …. The thing you didn’t realize you lost!



Starting a business from home that I could call my own, where I could work how I wanted and from anywhere I was, came with one big problem!



Everyone knows that if there are no customers or clients (people in general), coming in to see what you have, then your business is dead.  We need others to help us succeed.  No matter what you are doing, you can’t do it alone.   We were put on this earth together.



There is always some sort of product out there for people, whether it is informational, educational or physical.  People are the ones looking for it, and you need them to keep you going. But in order to succeed, we need to find the right target market for you to gather your leads and to increase your sales.



I now teach others how to have transformation in their online businesses and provide teaching of marketing, socializing, and most importantly, communicating. I strive to help others find their own voice in this world. When you wake up and listen, you’ll find your voice is singing loud. When you are singing loud, others will hear. Life is About Creating Yourself





Showing others that there is a way to change and move forward.  You don’t need to be stuck in your career, in your education or in the time control that life has given you.  The kids are gone and you feel empty and have lost yourself.   I have gone so far as to write a book,  ME,  now that was a milestone.



With 35 years of being a Career wife and mom, a blogging expert and an author of a self-help book, I found that my Executive job was a trap.  Being top of the scale there was nowhere to go, no raise to get and the only option to see my potential grow was to start over.  Who wants that after so many years.


I found the answer I was looking for, the one that will ease my life, one that gives vision to change and one that will let me have control with purpose and meaning.




I love to be in the outdoors and enjoy what nature has for us.  Giving me a challenge is just like a puzzle and I could spend hours on a puzzle.  Finding the final piece brings me great joy.


I love inspirational quotes that help others find a little peace in this crazy world.  I am not all that crafty yet finding DIY projects are a lot of fun.  My inner child of wanting to be a designer will rearrange the house many times.


“Life isn’t about finding yourself, Life Is about CREATING yourself”


Working for myself has given me a great way to exercise my brain and be healthier than the stress any other job has given me.


Are you feeling like one of the living dead? The robot lifestyle day after day?  Tired of being behind on your bills, in your job, in your education and looking for ways to make your tired body rejoice again?


If you are always dreaming of being somewhere else and wanting it bad enough to make the change or if you are tired of starting and failing over and over only to end up in the same spot … share below and let me see if I can help.



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